Peter Veldhuizen Sydney Restaurant Entrepreneur in Australia

Peter Veldhuizen That is, to bring together different components and parts that work harmoniously and efficiently to produce a specific result. In the case of a restaurant: create an experience. According to the gastronomic entrepreneur, Rui, this machine must be made up of 3 very important parts:* A good product: that is, good cuisine that creates an experience that is both tasteful and emotional. In other words, a kitchen that restores…

* Good people: having very good people who fulfill specific roles and objectives in the different parts of the business. Both operationally and administratively.

* Standardized processes: have standards within the company that make it very clear how the processes are executed according to the position and responsibility of each team member.

Peter Veldhuizen Sydney Australia - And when you manage to unite each of these elements harmoniously, you can create a machine that you can not only delegate but also optimize. And your role as a gastronomic entrepreneur will be to ensure its proper functioning, make strategic decisions and find ways to make it grow in favor of your goals.
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