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Data Fabric Market by 2030: Global Analysis with Offerings, Analytics Type, Deployment Mode, Application & End-users

Data is gathered from data fabric for analytical purposes and businesses can use it for performing sophisticated data analytics. With increasing data generation and the value of this data in making sound business decisions, the demand for data fabric is expected to skyrocket in the years to come. Moreover, the recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), data security, an...  more
Aluminum Market Growth Prospects by 2030 – TOP Vendors

Aluminum represents a multi-billion-dollar industry globally that receives an impetus from its ability to be widely used as a viable substitute for a variety of metals, and other materials across a range of industrial applications. Fairfield Market Research in its latest publication offers a detailed market intelligence and assessment of how the growth of global aluminum market will unfold between 2021 and 2030. The report forecasts 5.8% gr...  more
Orthopedic Devices Market Comprehensive Evaluation of the Market via inDepth Qualitative Insights by 2025

Fairfield Market Research highlights that the global orthopedic devices market is expected to witness a CAGR of 6.3% during the forecast years of 2020 and 2025. As the economy and patient sentiment limp back to normalcy, the research report estimates that the global market will be worth US$59,688.8 Mn by the end of 2025. All through 2020, the global orthopedic market witnessed a slump as el...  more
Fairfield Market Research Predicts Strong Growth for Pharmacy Automation Devices Market by 2029 end Amidst Rising Demand

Pharmacy automation is at the heart of care management and medication dispensing models, facilitating accuracy and flexibility in operations. These trends are carving the niche for the global pharmacy automation devices market to burgeon and grow in the coming years. Of late, the healthcare domain has witnessed a significant boost in terms of technology adoption.

The health...  more
Cloud Data Security Market to Register Substantial Expansion by 2029
The drastic steps and stringent norms laid down by the government have encouraged market players to come up with novel solutions and pursue strategic endeavors. Evidently, the US is set to reap the first mover's advantage of the global cloud data security industry.
Big Data Market trend shows a rapid growth by 2029
According to a recently published market intelligence report of Fairfield Market Research, big data market has been estimated to hit a whopping US$395 Bn mark by the end of 2029. The report identifies critically growing need for analysing, and managing large-scale, data – both unstructured, and structured, which is primarily driving the rate of adoption favouring big data market. Registering the revenue worth US$133 Bn in 2019, worldwide adopt...  more
Big Data Market Size, Trends, Growth, Analysis, Statistics 2029
Big data market was valued at US$133 Bn in 2019 and is expected to be worth US$ 395.8 Bn by 2029 end. Between the years of 2021 and 2029, the...
Drug Modeling Software Market Will Witness Substantial Growth in the Upcoming years by 2029

Molecular modeling, structure-based virtual screening and drug design, molecular dynamics, and ligand interaction are some of the most promising techniques currently in use. This prospect is set to facilitate the long-term growth of the global drug modeling software market. Of late, the burden of new diseases and complications has increased significantly. The growing prevalence of sedentary lifestyles, p...  more
Oil & Gas Analytics Market: Consumption, Sales, Production, and Other Forecasts 2022-2029
Water Soluble Film Market Analysis By Industry Value, Market Size, Top Companies And Growth Forecast by 2029
Vegan Beauty Products Market explored in the latest research by with top key players
The demand for vegan beauty Market products has amplified at a record pace. The quest for sustainability has driven brands towards the adoption of eco-friendly measures and the development of cruelty-free beauty products. Rising concerns regarding production have been instrumental in carving the dynamics of the vegan beauty products market. Meanwhile, in light of the harmful impacts of synthetic and chemical-...  more
Vegan Beauty Products Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends 2029
Surpassing the revenue of around US$15 Bn in the year 2020, global vegan beauty products market expects healthy growth through the next five years.
Xanthan Gum Market explored in the latest research by with top key players
Xanthan gum is a polysaccharide with a wide application pool. It is mainly used as a suspending, thickening, emulsifying, and stabilizing agent in pharmaceutical and other liquid formulations. Its non-toxic and non-irritating nature makes it suitable for usage across the cosmetics industry. Another highly valuable property of xanthan gum is its high viscosity. It also remains effective in low concentrations. These proper...  more
Xanthan Gum Market Share, Outlook, Size, Trends, 2022-2029
Preliminary research of Fairfield Market Research indicates a promising growth outlook for global xanthan gum market during the course of next few...
Biometrics Market 2029 Receives a Rapid Boost in Economy due to High Emerging Demands
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