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Microdose Mushrooms Helps Me Remember Why I cut In The First Place.
When I started Dry January this year, I had hoped that microdosing would help. I've been doing this intermittently for the past year, but since early 2022 I've been keeping a more careful record...
getmagicmushrooms creado una nueva entrada de blog
The Most Useful Mushroom Edibles
Peck's Hydnellum  This mushroom can be found both in the New World and the Old. On the North American continent, this fungus is aptly called the "bleeding tooth" because of the droplets of red...
What Only Women Know About Get Magic Mushrooms
Growing mushrooms is difficult. Another mistake. The most common type of mushroom for home cultivation is Psylocibe Cubensis. They are unpretentious, love almost any substrate, with an excellent...
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