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Buy fabrics with endless possibilities
Velvet is a material resulting from a blend of natural fiber and synthetic fiber. Originally, it was used to produce silk, although it is rare nowadays. Further, pure silk velvet is an expensive material. But rayon- silk velvet is the best alternative of pure silk velvet which gives equivalent smooth texture and softness. Apart from rayon, synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon and viscose can also be used in production.

Due to the blend of differ...  more
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Satin- Buy glossy and smooth fabric with Fabriclore

Satin, a weaving technique rather than a textile known for its soft, glossy, lustrous and smooth look. Its luxurious surface from one side and dull texture of another side are its features. Satin is drawn out of silk and is the first choice for evening gowns and party dresses. Apart from luxurious outfits, you can create blouses, western dresses, saree, dupatta, suit, kurta for men, kurti and many more. From party attires to home decor, this ...  more
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The fabric known as Kota Doria (sometimes spelled Kota Dori) is woven from either fine silk, cotton, or a combination of the two, and has a characteristic square-checked pattern. The silk adds shine and a luxurious feel to the kota doria, while the cotton makes it strong. These designs are woven on a pit loom with yarns made of cotton, silk, and zari (fine metal threads). You can't find a more suitable summer cloth. Kota doria fabric manuf...  more
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Shop for latest embroidery fabric online only at Fabriclore
An art of decorating fabrics by applying needle and thread. Embroidery is done to embellish the textile for commutative and decorative purposes. Originated around China during 5th and 3rd century...
Linen- world’s most thin and durable fabric. This material is so thin that low thread count ensures the quality and authenticity of material. With nice drapes, this fabric can add beauty and elegance to your wardrobe. Owing to its flexibility and freshness, quality made it usable for hot weather. This fabric is widely use as unisex material with which you can make anything shirt, pant, top, skirt, waistcoat, kurta, lehenga and many more.
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Different hues, fast printing, simple plain designs with fine lines, highly customizable and pocket friendly are some features of digital print that makes it one of most popular printing methods. Floral motifs, little blossoms, strips and animal prints are the major patterns for digital printing. Quick designs and fast printing makes digital printing demanding among the textile designers. It gives a fabric flowy look with some elegant prints.

You can explore all these designs and patterns at fa...  more
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