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Education of Ukraine
Adult literacy rate in Ukraine is 99.8%. Male literacy is 99.8%. Female literacy is 99.7%. Therefore, male literacy and female literacy differ by 0.099999999999994%. Government expenditure on education is 5.3% of GDP. The education index of Ukraine is 0.796 - formal education levels are high, secondary education is a standard for most of the population; higher education is highly available and widespread due to the fact that graduates are economically demanded, and in many ...  more
Education in Ukraine - Confidus Solutions
The education and quality of the workforce your business can expect to see in Ukraine. The overall literacy percentage in the country is 99.8%....
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Infrastructure of Hungary
The logistic performance index of Hungary is 3.46. It indicates satisfactory performance - in general traffic is handled well, some shortcomings in certain areas are possible, but overall the...
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Infrastructure of Japan
The logistics performance index of Japan is 3.91. It indicates good performance - the logistics system is well prepared and organized, shipments mostly arrive on time and are not damaged, and the...
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