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Walter Sweating Fabric Mannequin, Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin|Walter Sweating Fabric Mannequin, Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin Manufacturer - QINSUN
Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin (Walter Sweating Fabric Mannequin) is a new generation of smart sweating fabric manikin developed by Qinsun and...
What is the difference between negative and positive for the new coronavirus?

In the process of clinical testing, the test results are usually expressed by negative and positive, with positive representing abnormality and lesions, and negative representing normal. A negative test for the new coronavirus means that a person does not have the coronavirus in his body and has not been infected with the coronavirus before. The positive means that there is currently or has been infected with the coro...  more
Infectious Disease Portable Test Sampling Booth,Excellent Lab Equipment - QINSUN
Product Introduction:In order to better protect the safety of sampling personnel and provide a comfortable working environment, our company has...
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