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Как выбрать текстиль?

Во-первых, текстильные украшения должны быть одного тона с мебелью, и в то же время гармонировать с остальной частью комнаты. Его также можно классифицировать по характеру использования, например, чехлы для стульев, чехлы для диванов и скатерти можно отнести к одному типу, телевизоры, колонки и т. д. можно отнести к одному типу; Каждый вид текстиля должен быть одного основного цвета, в противном случае в гостиной будет беспорядок.

Следует отметить, что рисунок узора скате...  more
T443 Mask Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) Tester

The Mask Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) Tester is a tester used to determine the particle filter permeability and filtration efficiency of respiratory protective equipment and face masks. The tester with particle generator can provide lvhuana particles and paraffin oil particles. It can measure particle penetration, filtration efficiency and breathing resistance ΔP. It is widely used in quality control, R&D, certification, manufacturin...  more
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ISO 9352 Taber Abrasion Tester
Taber tests involve mounting a flat specimen approximately 100mm square or round to a turntable platform that rotates on a vertical axis at a fixed speed.  The standard material thickness that...
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Non-Destructive Testing for the Textile Industry
Non-destructive testing (NDT) methods include a wide range of analytical techniques to evaluate a variety of materials, elements, welds, systems, etc., without causing any damage or harm to the...
WVU Davis College cuts ribbon on new textiles testing laboratory

The Amy A. Bircher Textiles Testing Laboratory was designed as a creative space for fashion, dress and merchandising students in the Davis College. The textiles testing laboratory was made possible by a $200, 000 gift from Amy A. Bircher, for whom the laboratory is named.

A 1993 graduate of the Davis College with a degree in textiles, clothing and fashion merchandising, Bircher has become a leader in the textile industry. She wor...  more
QISNUN Medical Protective Clothing Moisture Permeability Tester

Shanghai Qianshi medical protective clothing moisture permeability tester is suitable for testing the water vapor permeability of textiles and textile composite materials (especially sportswear fabrics).

Fabric moisture permeability tester----working principle:
In the environment of constant temperature and humidity, cover the sample on the sample dish with water, after a certain period of time, the water vapor permeates from the...  more
Textile Testing Instruments|Textile Tester Equipment Manufacturer -QINSUN
QINSUN is leading lab testing equipments manufacturer/supplier. Export:textile testing Instruments, mask protective clothing test...
What are the commonly used wear tests in the world?

In today's society, there are four kinds of testing instruments widely used in abrasion resistance: abrasion testing machine, scratch testing machine, oscillation testing machine and linear abrasion testing machine. The formulation of the coating wear resistance test method standard unifies and standardizes the testing methods and quality requirements of different materials, and also provides the design basis that must be followed for the deve...  more
GB/T7762-2003 chambre d'essai de vieillissement du caoutchouc

La chambre d'essai de vieillissement à l'ozone pour caoutchouc est générée par un générateur d'ozone pour produire une forte concentration d'ozone, peut être utilisée pour les matériaux non métalliques, les matériaux organiques (peinture, caoutchouc, plastique, peinture, pigment, etc.) dans les conditions d'ozone de l'essai de vieillissement.

1、Taille du studio (mm) : 350×350×410

2、Concentration d'ozone : 10~1000pphm.(réglable)

3、...  more
The Abrasion Resistance Tester is a machine that can be used to perform physical performance tests. Universal is just a multi-functional testing machine. The relevant standard stipulates that a testing machine with two or more test capabilities is called a universal testing machine. According to the mechanical principle analysis, the mechanical test is divided into tensile force, pressure, bending force, shear force, torsion force, fatigue, vibration, etc., so the corresponding mechanical testin...  more
A cone calorimeter is a device used to study the fire behavior of small samples of various materials in condensed phase.
This is the best cone calorimeter manufacturer.
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Qinsun Instruments C...  more
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