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Black trumpets are delicious Buy Mushrooms easily

recognized by their black tube-like form. They are often called “poor-mans truffle” due to their truffle like flavor. I love to dehydrate these mushrooms and cure them in jars for a couple months. Their flavor intensifies! Like the other late spring mushrooms this is usually found more abundantly in the summer months.
Black trumpets are easy to identify but they can be difficult to see! This is because their dark color often camouflages them in...  more
Right now is the start of Buy Mushroom season

one that Bonetto expects will be a bumper crop with all the wet weather and dropping temperatures thus far. However, for many of us, going outside to find the little white slices on our pizza means entering a different world entirely.

These little-understood organisms have generated both fear and intrigue for millennia. Where you get mushrooms, you also get reports of “deadly fungi” menacing the suburbs. At the same time, European migrants move in...  more
History of Magic Buy Mushrooms

The use of magic mushrooms (Psilocybin) dates back to the ancient Aztecs over 6,000 years ago, but they were first brought into the public eye in Europe by Valentina Pavlovna Wasson and Robert Wasson. The couple was traveling to Mexico on a yearly research expedition to explore indigenous populations and discovered the mushroom being used in sacred rituals. It was scientist Albert Hoffman, though, who identified its particular psychoactive property: the presence o...  more

If you can make spawn yourself, it allows you to grow basically any type of “cultivatable” mushroom you want.

Read on to find out how you can make your own grain spawn easily at home without needing too much space, or without the need to invest a bunch of money into building out your own lab.

his kills off all the other nasty contaminants in the grain that will out-compete your mushroom culture. This is the point that most people get turned of...  more
The Historic Use of Functional Buy Mushrooms

For thousands of years, mushrooms have served as food and been used for medicinal purposes in distant cultures from Europe and Asia to North and South America and the African continent. The use of mushrooms in the traditional medicinal practices of these diverse cultures was based largely on anecdotal records and word of mouth. From healers and shamans to family traditions, the power of these medicinal mushroom species was passed down through generat...  more
Mushroom Supplement Users May feel Comfortable

taking more than the recommended dose as the body gets used to the amount of fiber intake. For example, a user may enjoy a teaspoon of mushroom powder in their morning smoothie while also enjoying lunch and dinner with mushroom powder incorporated. However, certain conditions can heighten side effects based on the species taken.

Mushroom powders like cordyceps and chaga help support energy and stamina levels that assist with endurance and recover...  more
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Table Top Farms: Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting

Like any other living organism that you try to grow, mushrooms respond to the environment that they are given, and every household is different. There is a delicate balance between humidity, airflow, and temperature and if one of these are off the mushrooms will look different than what you may expect. Most of the time the environment can be adjusted for and your mushrooms can continue to grow on their merry way!
Black pearl is a prolific firs...  more
Is it Too Late to Inoculate? A Lesson in Log Sitting.

Mushroom mycelium needs 2 things to get a good start into colonizing a piece of wood. It needs air, and water, and eventually wood which is the ultimate food source. To start though, the wood you have carefully selected from a living green tree is filled with water. The free water that is loosely bound in the wood needs to start to evaporate, or dry, leaving air space and room in which the mycelium can grow. Depending on where you live and w...  more
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Why it is Important for Mushroom Cultivation

Fall is a great time to think about starting or expanding your shiitake log family. Trees have fallen into dormancy, Buy Mushrooms but leaves are still on the trees which can help with tree identification, ensuring you choose the best tree species for the mushroom you plan on growing.

Fall is also a good time to view a tree stand critically to visualize which trees need to be removed because they are suppressed by or are suppressing their neighbors...  more
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How to Cultivate Oyster Mushrooms with Recipe

We all know how hard it is around the world right now but let’s talk about things we can do. It’s an awesome time to build a new skill and learn how to produce food for you and your family. Maybe you are sick of depending on a supermarket for every single thing you need.

Whatever the case, Mushroom Mountain is here and is thinking about you. Here we have included directions on how to cultivate your own oyster mushrooms. This will provide you an ama...  more
Mushroom growing is all about the difference

Mushroom growing is all about the difference between air temperature and compost temperature, referred to by growers as activity. Activity is essential to grow good quality mushrooms. As the compost is warmer than the air, moisture is released in the form of evaporation. This caused the mushrooms to grow.

Managing activity

Managing activity is key to mushroom growing. So too much activity, because the filling weight is too high, results in faster, ...  more
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The Mushroom Learning Network Community

We founded the Mushroom Learning Network in 2014 for the purpose of connecting urban mushroom farmers and helping them to grow successful urban mushroom farm based on the experience of successful mushroom farmers with a company that has been around for longer then 3 years and a working business case. I.e. one that makes money in both good and bad economical times.

We hosted 5 offline sessions. The first in Rotterdam, the second in Brussels, the third in...  more
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