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Moldavite is also known as the stone of transformation that helps to transform positive energies in its users. It is believed that meteoroids created green-colored stones in the areas of the Czech Republic. Moldavite comes in the hues of dark green, olive green, and yellowish-green crystal.

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Moldavite ring chooses to bring calming energies to life.
Moldavite is also known as the stone from stars or the alien stone that transfers positive powers to its user.
The green-colored crystal was made from meteoroids 15 million years ago when the meteoroids hit the earth in the area of the Czech Republic.
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The stone from the stars is known for its ambrosial spiritual powers.

Moldavite formed from a meteoroid impact that took place nearly 15 million years ago in the Czech Republic.

It shades green to olive green and rates between 5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

These crystals are used for jewelry creation like Moldavite rings, pendants, and earrings.

So adding a Moldavite ring to your jewelry collection will enhance your beauty and provide you with metaphysical and spiritual benefits.

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Moldavite ring- Self-assessment and inner wisdom
Moldavite is an olive green-colored gem known for its absorbing powers. It absorbs all negative and evils surrounding the wearer.
It stimulates the crown, third eye, and heart chakra.
Wearing Moldavite ring boosts confidence, keeps motivated, and encourages creative ideas.
It helps balance blood circulation and diabetes level and improves the digestion system of the wearer.
It was originated from a meteoroid impact 15 million years ago a...  more
Moldavite is an excellent gemstone ring worn to bring transformative energies in life. It ranges in the hues of dark green to light green with the reddish-brown bubbles on the surface. The Moldavite ring is in high demand for its rarity because it is only found in the Czech Republic in the whole world.

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