105 * 1.2 * 16 cutting sheet product features and use introduction?

Specializing in the production of 105 * 1.2 * 16 cutting discs professional manufacturers
--- Henan Aurora Abrasives Co., Ltd., China's abrasive industry listed companies Aurora
brand strong entry in foreign markets China! The third in the world!
Aurora Abrasives Abrasives:
1. China's famous brand in the abrasive industry; 2. China's Internet abrasive brand; 3.
China's abrasive industry listed company.
105 * 1.2 * 16 cutting piece product introduction:
This product is widely used in cutting stainless steel, angle iron, aluminum alloy, copper
and other metals, Aurora brand high-strength cutting piece, safe, efficient, durable,
sharp, especially for thin-walled metal tubes, small copper rods, stainless steel rods,
thin-walled metal The cutting and slotting effect of the board is excellent! The product
has the advantages of small slitting, high precision, high strength, quick work efficiency,
good surface quality, no blackening and no burr, and is well received by users.
Be careful when using this product: For your safety, delay you for one minute, please take
a look at our instructions.
This product is correctly regulated and used: 1. It is necessary to master the angle of 15
-30 degrees; 2. After the grinding wheel is correctly installed, idle for 1-2 minutes and
gently rest the outer circle and the side; 3. Strictly use the slice as a grinding disc! 4.
Please use the product when selecting the product: the regular manufacturer's products,
don't be greedy and cheap! ! !
Users must first check and compare some of the cutting chip manufacturers on the market
before choosing, so as to avoid the purchase of poor quality products. Our company
specializes in the production of cutting disc manufacturers, welcome users who need to come
to our company to inspect and purchase.

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