The evidence from Houston Detective Kamesha Baker has been obtained through Yahoo Sports

After the airing of the episode, another woman comes to the forefront with fresh allegations against Watson which brings the total number of  Madden 23 coins civil lawsuits for Watson to 24. and two more could follow. Nia Smith previously claimed she was being harassed by Watson via social media, but decided to not file a lawsuit. But, following the HBO show, Smith stated that she felt the need to speak out publicly.

Smith "was amazed by the bravery of victims who were willing to come forward and speak out. He was also dissatisfied with Watson as well as his team's mistreatment of and revision of the plaintiffs."Watson's legal team defends him, saying the suit is frivolous and the allegations are false.

On June 7 , the New York Times publishes the largest, most thorough examination of the allegations about Deshaun Watson. The story is titled "How the Texans and a spa facilitated Deshaun Watson's erratic behavior" The article outlines Watson's previous team's role was involved in locating the quarterback's massage therapists as well being a claim that the team knew about the accusations against Watson while they were taking place.

Additionally, the report states that Watson frequently used non-disclosure agreements and that Texans provided Watson with these NDAs. Additionally, it outlined Watson's lawyer, Rusty Hardin, had deep connections to the Harris County legal system and his influence within the county could have affected the process of a grand jury. The report also uncovered two new allegations about Watson. Following Watson's report in the NYT story, Watson made his Twitter account private, and refuses to make any further statements.

A person who investigated the investigation is of the opinion that Watson was guilty, regardless of the verdict of the grand jury. The evidence from Houston Detective Kamesha Baker has been obtained through Yahoo Sports. In her testimony, she explains that according to her view from previous investigations she's conducted, Watson did commit multiple crimes. In her testimony , she outlined the distinction between coercion and consent in relation to the massage therapists involved in Watson's case. Watson case. She explained that Buy Madden 23 coins the of the difference between the quarterback and the female therapists made them afraid, according to her of refusing to accept the demands he made to them.
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