Embassy of the Republic of Costa Rica in China

Embassy of the Republic of Costa Rica in China

Chinese nationals do require a visa to enter Costa Rica. From 9th May, 2012, for Chinese who is living in Beijing and Shanghai for more than 8 years, they can apply for visas easily from Costarican embassy/consulate in China. The documents required are simply the application form, return ticket, police clearance, ID card and Hukou Record Book. Visa can be issued directly by the consul without process of getting approval from Costarican Immigration Department. Get more news about China To Costa Rica,you can vist our website!

For applicants from other places of China, they may need more time to get visa application approved. The procedure usually takes around two months. It is advisable to file the application with such length being taken into account. Once the process of approval has been finalized by the General Direction of Migration and Foreignship, the applicant must request an appointment at the Costa Rican Embassy in Beijing for application.

If a Chinese citizen wish to inquire whether his/her application has been approved, go to the status page of the official website of the Costa Rican Embassy.

Visa Exemption

Citizens of the countries with diplomatic relations with Costa Rica are exempt of visa for entry and may stay there for up to 90 days under the following situations:

1. Possessing entry visa (as opposed to transit one) for the United States of America, Canada and/or to any of the countries of the European Union stamped in their passport, with a minimum duration of three months as of the date of entry into Costa Rica.

2. Having permanent residence for no less than six months in the United States, Canada or any member country of the European Union.

3. Hong Kong citizens with valid British passports for overseas citizens (British National Overseas/BNO)

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful tropical country, with an impressive wealth of natural and human resources. Its beaches, mountains and volcanoes make it an unforgettable destination for tourism, while its great stability and human development turn it into an attractive target for commerce and investment.

Even tough the country covers only 0.03% of the world's territory, its abundant biodiversity represents almost 4% of the world's total flora and fauna.

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