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We are CCTV Accessories Manufacturers positive that no matter how you see yourself -- trendy, corporate or casual -- your ultimate goal is to look "together" - to look beautiful and elegant in your poise and style of clothing and accessories.

Now you know the right purse for you! Always remember to try on the bagjust like you would clothing and shoes. For this body type, shape and color is important.

So take the time to look for the right purse for youit is not always the same purse that your best friend carries. You can carry off anythinglucky lady!


If you are naturally thin, you have always faced the challenges that come with dressing this body shape. For example, if the purse is under your arm against your breast, the eye is drawn up to the bag. Now that we have your attention to determine your shape and what type purse you should carry. If you are unnaturally thin -- by choice -- you probably, prefer to show it off. Try anything with horizontal detail in the patterns.
. The key is to add dimension to your profile. Think unstructured, bulky type purses.

Most women look great with a bag that hits mid-torso because it flatters the waist. A purse should not only carry your personal belongings, it should add to your style and looks.


If you got it girl, flaunt it! This shape best describes a woman who is balanced on top and bottom with a defined waist and is considered the ideal body shape.


If the fullness you carry on top is unwanted (some do pay for it, you know) turn the area into a "no man's land". If you are short and voluptuous, play off opposites by choosing a handbag that is tall and rectangular or long and sleek.


In general, the rounder your figure, the more structured your purse should be. If you are tall and thin, look for the large sloppy bags that lay against you to compliment your figure. You should carry a bag with short straps that fits snug under your arm. Remember that where the purse touches your body, that part of your body is accentuated. Do not choose a bag that will hug the body too much.

Look at the five basic body shapes and find the best purse for your shape:


If you have full hips or tummy and small top, draw the eye up with accessories.

Try to choose a purse shape that is the opposite of your body type. Draw the eye to the top or center of the torso with a mid-length strap. While the shape should oppose your body type for maximum flattery, the size of the bag should be in proportion to your figure. Colors should be muted, monochromatic is best and prints should be kept to a minimum. Nevertheless, do you give that same time and scrutiny to your accessories like your purse and handbag before throwing it over your shoulder and leaving the house?

You probably did not know that a purse could flatten your curves almost as much as the right pair of pants or shirt. Nothing should cause the eye to linger so draw the eye downwards by carrying long slouching bags. You spend hours looking for the right outfit and analyze it many times over to make sure it perfects and gives you that eye-catching look
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