Ally Robotics Files Provisional Patent for Its Modular Robotic Arm

Ally Robotics Files Provisional Patent for Its Modular Robotic Arm

Ally Robotics, the startup claiming to be changing the robotics industry with its no-code software and modular automated systems, earlier this week filed its first provisional patent for its modular robotic arm. To get more news about Robotics as a Service, you can visit official website.

The El Segundo, Calif.-based company said the patent covers the robot’s sensors and the entire robot arm, including the linkages in the robot’s 3 modular systems. That includes the base section, middle section, and distal section.

“Listening first to people and understanding the automation problems and opportunities they face, I believe we've developed many novel approaches and technologies that will empower people and humans to do more together,” Ally Robotics CEO Mitch Tolson stated. “This patent filing signifies how we're uniquely solving long-standing problems and ensures Ally will be able to deliver immense customer value, at a price point unmatched by our competitors.”The company claims to be building a robotic system that does away with the complicated processes involved with deploying and managing most automated systems. It said it is doing that by “integrating perception engineering with imitation learning to create robots that can not only see but adapt.”

That process involves computer vision and simulation to allow the robot to visualize and practice in a virtual environment.

Earlier this summer, the company launched a crowd funding campaign to raise $8.5 million in seed capital. At the time, Miso Robotics also signed a statement of intent noting that it would become Ally’s first partner and use Ally’s robot arms for its Flippy 2 fry-cooking robot.

While it is first working in the food industry, Ally Robotics said it plans to expand into U.S. manufacturing as well as agriculture, and construction. The company added the robot arm’s modular joints enables it to have increased power and torque compared to other robots with similar sized motors. The robot can be used for various applications, given its compactness, lightweight, and high payload, the company added.
It said the robot is configurable given its modular arm architecture that adapts easily to a customer’s applications.

“The technologies covered in this patent are at the core of our product and represent the work of our industry-leading engineers,” the company said in a statement.“This first filing is the first important step to protecting the current and future applications of our intelligent systems.”

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