Need the gun up and do the mission!

Are you a professional shooter? Let's join sitck merge game and do the quest now. What I can say for sure is that you will need a lot of skill in this tough game. Busy ready yet? Be confident in your abilities and complete the task to the best of your ability.
The gameplay is similar to other gun fighting games. You just need to aim and hit the target. In this game you have to deal with many opponents. They are dangerous and professional enemies who are eager to destroy you. Your mission is to upgrade the gun and destroy the opponent. To do this you need the skills of a professional assassin. In addition to crafting and upgrading guns, you need to always watch carefully to ensure the safety of your students. Once you have the most advanced weapons, you can easily destroy all your opponents and win.
Join this dramatic gun battle game now!
 Note this is a fierce lime battle because your opponents are powerful gunmen. They are everywhere and can attack you anytime you are not paying attention. You will have to find a way to attack and destroy the opponent while defending from attacks from other enemies. if you can pass this game you are talented and cool. Wish you happy gaming.
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Thanks for sharing
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