Lorry Drivers Demand Healthier Roadside Food Business Articles | September 2 adidas nmd cs2 sale , 2016

With the RAC surveying 500 firms, including haulage companies, about their employees’ opinions of life in the industry, the lack of healthy dining options has emerged as the number one worry amo...

With the RAC surveying 500 firms, including haulage companies, about their employees’ opinions of life in the industry adidas nmd cs1 sale , the lack of healthy dining options has emerged as the number one worry among HGV drivers. Drivers stated they would like to have some choices beyond the ever-present fast food options currently dominating our roadside services.

Putting paid to the cliché of thrice-daily greasy, salty meals in a trucker’s caff, 41% of drivers rated the disproportionate unhealthiness of available foods as their number one complaint about their working life. With continued warnings about the dangers of a sedentary job and an unbalanced diet, HGV drivers seem to be responding with a desire for more varied, healthy options when they stop for food.

Unhealthy food ranked above all the usual gripes including driving while using a mobile phone, inadequate sleeping facilities and other drivers who dominate the middle lanes. This seems to be a sign that there really is a market among hauliers for high-quality adidas nmd xr4 sale , balanced meals at truck stops and roadside services.

Haulage companies could respond by calling for healthy road food being made more available. It might also be helpful to investigate the possibility of employee discounts and other deals with some suppliers of healthier food.

According to Welcome Break, existing fast food outlets - such as Burger King and KFC - “have healthy choices on the menu too”. Additionally, it was claimed that Welcome Break offers a number of other food choices, such as Tossed, Waitrose, and Pret A Manger. The widespread availability of such choices is adidas nmd xr1 sale , however, contradicted by the research, suggesting that while these options may be available at some services, they are far from universal.

In addition to the RAC’s research, Transport Focus has also released research showing that the roads are failing to meet the most basic requirements of HGV operators. This has prompted haulage companies, Transport Focus and the RAC to call for better conditions for truckers adidas nmd r2 sale , particularly on A-roads, where conditions are the worst.

In the meantime, the group that carried out the research will be meeting with the UK government as well as the Highways England authority in order to develop a plan enhance the welfare of the all hauliers using UK roads.

Health concerns for HGV drivers have been growing as medical research shows more and more that being confined in a sitting position for long hours puts immense strain on the body. Combine this with little or no access to the food that would ensure lorry drivers have a healthy diet, it becomes imperative to look at ways to improve the quality of their lifestyle.

While this reality will come as no surprise to drivers, it is hoped that this latest research will raise awareness among the wider community and help to put pressure on services to provide the opportunity for drivers to pick up a healthy, balanced meal alongside the usual fast food outlets.


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