Huawei Smart Lock Pro

Huawei Smart Lock Pro

The smart door lock Huawei Smart Lock Pro relies on technology that we already know from the smartphone segment. Unlocking is supposed to be convenient thanks to 3D face recognition and a fingerprint sensor. Alternatively, optional code entry and NFC key cards are also offered.To get more news about best home security Supplier, you can visit official website.

Huawei Smart Lock Pro presented
With the Huawei Smart Lock Pro, the Chinese manufacturer enters the smart door lock market and presents an extremely convenient solution. Technically, the smart door lock is based on some features of the company’s own smartphone series and has a built-in chip including AI functions, as well as the HarmonyOS operating system.
Thanks to the chip with a performance of one teraflop, unlocking via 3D face recognition is done in a few seconds. The Smart Lock Pro has a dual camera that scans and recognizes faces.If the scanned and approved face differs from the stored version, for example by wearing hats, caps, (sunglasses) or makeup, the AI should still ensure a reliable unlock.

At the same time, the cameras use a 3.97-inch display on the inside of the door to show who is currently standing in front of their own four walls. Alternatively, the display takes place via the corresponding companion app.

Other options for unlocking
Alternatively, the Huawei Smart Lock Pro also unlocks with the help of a fingerprint sensor, with the help of connected NFC key cards or via entering a code. However, even normal keys should still be able to be used without problems.
Owners of a smartphone or smartwatch from Huawei can also configure the door lock so that the door opens automatically as soon as they are in the immediate vicinity. The HarmonyOS operating system, which is equipped with numerous security features, provides the necessary security.

For example, the manufacturer boasts of certification by the CCRC (China Network Security Review Technology and Certification Center), encryption on the software level with CC EAL5+ security certification, and an optional, encrypted transfer of security data to the cloud, which is tied to the user’s own Huawei ID.
The Huawei Smart Lock Pro also relies on a smart dual-battery system, which is composed of an 8,800 mAh battery from “Huawei’s flagship cell phone,” plus an optional additional four AA batteries.

Combined, the smart door lock is supposed to last for 8-10 months in the special mode for extremely long battery life. In normal mode, in which all features and unlock functions are available, the battery life is still 4-6 months. The lock is charged via USB Type-C, and powerbanks and cell phones that support reverse wireless charging can also charge the lock.

Price and Availability
The Huawei Smart Lock Pro smart door lock is already listed in the Vmall store. However, there is no price or release date yet. If and when the lock will come to Germany is also unclear at the moment.

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