Inventory Solution of Asset Management System Based on RFID Technology

The traditional asset management mode can no longer meet the needs of modern management. Many enterprises and institutions use the asset management system platform to establish efficient and convenient asset management methods.

The functions of the RFID technologies asset management system platform cover all physical asset management business activities of enterprises and institutions, including fixed asset increase, asset change management, asset disposal management, equipment maintenance, raw data sorting and import, asset inventory, report data and data exchange, query, asset tracking, statistical analysis and other functions.

1. Time and labor consumption of inventory

The inventory is large, the counting process is cumbersome, the accuracy of counting is low, and the source cannot be traced. Manual statistics are prone to errors, which is time-consuming and laborious.

Asset management system platform solution: Based on RFID technology, the platform issues inventory operation commands, reads data through wireless network control readers, uploads inventory data to the database, calculates asset profits and losses, and generates asset inventory reports to the financial department. For places where assets are centrally placed, use UHF Integrated Fixed RFID Reader to easily read asset information. For places where assets are too scattered, mobile readers and writers can be used to pass through all shelves in turn. Readers and authors will automatically obtain all label information and use computers to make inventory records.

2. Untimely asset monitoring

Assets are not effectively monitored and managed, resulting in assets that are often easy to lose and unable to receive early warning.

Asset management system platform solution: the platform realizes asset monitoring. Active electronic tags can be used to monitor assets. Fixed readers and writers can be installed in areas where assets are used. The system automatically communicates with the asset management system through the network. When assets are moved out of a specific area, the system will automatically alarm to prevent assets from being stolen.

3. Account confusion, inconsistent asset card accounts

When entering and leaving the warehouse, the inventory account is not clearly recorded, the financial reconciliation is difficult, the model management is difficult, the goods do not match the business account, the accounts, cards, goods do not match, and the assets are chaotic.

Asset management system platform solution: enterprises and institutions can register, make cards, and label assets through the platform, and can identify the information on the label surface. They can also identify assets or perform related businesses through the RFID chip of the RFID handheld terminal scanning code electronic label.

4. Unclear asset maintenance information

The maintenance, repair and patrol inspection of assets lack process and depth, so it is difficult to carry out detailed maintenance management and record effective maintenance time.

Asset management system platform solution: track and manage the whole process of each asset from the aspects of asset application, purchase, maintenance, asset extraction, etc.

5. Low asset utilization

The utilization rate of fixed assets is not high, the allocation and distribution of fixed assets are unreasonable, and there are repeated purchases and idle phenomena.

Asset management system platform solution: asset life cycle management, realizing automatic identification and mobile management of transferred assets.

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