Queries that will attract targeted traffic

People search for the same furniture sales site in different ways. Some type "wood furniture catalog" into the search bar, while others type "buy a white 180-by-120 leather sofa with metal legs." If you want to drive targeted traffic to the site - collect the most popular queries in the niche, determine which of them are most likely to lead to a purchase and promote them. 
To do this, make up a semantic core of the site.
The semantic kernel is a set of words and phrases reflecting the subject and structure of the site, where each phrase has a certain number of queries. For example, from 1 to 22 January the query "sweets from Europe" entered into the search box 11 164 times.
You can make up a semantic core on your own, without the help of a contractor. But approach the question seriously and study the nuances:
     1) how to filter queries
     2) what is the difference between transactional, navigational, and informational queries?
     3) whether there are seasonal queries in your niche.
     4) how to find implicit duplicates.
and other peculiarities of selecting semantics.
Resolve that details are not important and throw in a few thematic phrases?
Get untargeted traffic - the site will reach audiences who are not planning to buy anything.
The purpose of the semantic core - do not gather all the queries indiscriminately in one document, and choose what is most likely to give you applications and sales. This is the first function of collected semantics.
As you guessed, there is a second: the semantic kernel helps build the structure of the site so that each page responds as accurately as possible to the key query. Group the keys and distribute them in the text on the pages of the sites.
 You have two options:
a) Create a site structure based on search query analysis if you're just starting a project.
b) Distribute keyword phrases based on the existing site structure and rely on the semantic kernel when working on content.
Thanks to it you will know exactly what to write an article about and which keywords to include to attract the maximum targeted traffic.
The purpose of each page is to show the client what he was looking for, and it is easy to cope with a team of professionals from SEO-Studio. This way, the likelihood of buying or ordering a service will be higher.
Use the semantic core in SEO text on website pages and landing pages to more accurately enter the search query.
But do not overdo it: dry texts devoid of information value, consisting only of key queries, have low uniqueness and do not attract customers. For low behavioral factors search engines can impose sanctions on the site - users will not see it in search results.
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