What Is Game Localization?

What Is Game Localization?

Before the game is being sold worldwide, it must first be properly localized. And interact with players all over the world. Localization of your game will improve the user experience and increase sales.Get more news about Game Localization,you can vist our website!

Hundreds of people will be active in the development of the game, depending on its complexity. Including the game production team, LQA specialists, translators, UX and sound experts, etc.

In this article, we’ll learn the importance, process, and challenges of game localization. Also, we’ll look at some examples if you intend to dive right in?Game localization is the process of translating a video game for a foreign market. The localization method encompasses the processes of globalization and linguistic quality assurance.

The process of localization entails much more than simply translating a game’s text. Localizing video games requires language-related tasks, such as translating in-game dialogue.
As well as technical tasks, such as extracting strings from the code. And submitting them to a localization management system. Below are the most important aspects of the localization process.

The method of translating a game’s text and properties into another language. A single person or a group of people may do it.

It entails correcting stylistic and textual mistakes. As well as ensuring that the language is accurate and consistent.

The process of fixing spelling mistakes and other typos. Instead of working inside the game, this move often includes working with the text alone.

Adding translated materials into the game. Updating the code to bring the translated materials to the game. And modifying and adjusting the UI/UX to ensure it displays correctly.

Regional adaptation:
There are no video games with blood, skulls, or religious symbolism permitted in China. In Korea, it is frown upon to play with religious themes. You must cut all alcohol and drugs from your game in Australia.Remember to include marketing materials in your budget. This is another aspect of localization. LQA needs addressing in each market where the game is being published.

Proper preparation of your game will set your team up for success from the outset. When we talk about localization, we’ll go through the following steps:A thorough preparation process at the start of your video game localization project will help you finish on schedule and budget.
The first step in this process is to determine exactly what needs to translate? What resources are important for the project? Who will the localization target audience be? And what game features have to translate and adapt?

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