Jordan 4 Metallic Purple: Expectations vs. Reality

In the early summer of 2022, the tie-dye pattern with a love and peace mood has emerged as a trend for both men and women, so naturally tie-dye is jordan 4 metallic purple also included in the 2020 trend sneakers. 90's style items to make it a spouse style. Let's take in tie-dye in 2022 and play it to the fullest! 
Stylish suede sneakers

Canvas and leather are good, but suede sneakers are the material to watch in 2021. Attention is suede in neutral tones such as light blue and light olive. Simple and stylish styling with a suede texture. Suede sneakers that go well with leather and can be transformed into both mature and casual are noteworthy.
Techno sneakers

It may seem a little strange, but this season, spacey and technological sneakers with a "back to the future" atmosphere are also trending. If you are tired of the standard sneakers or are looking for a sneaker that is a little different from other people, why not choose these sneakers.
Daddy sneakers

"Dad sneakers" continue to be on the trend. It refers to voluminous sneakers that "Dad = Dad" is likely to wear, but it is already fashionable because famous luxury brands such as Balenciaga and Gucci and sports brands such as Nike also have dad sneakers. It has transformed into sneakers and will continue to enter the trend in 2022.
Hiking shoes

Speaking of functional sneakers, hiking shoes. Non-slip, durable and light. And the high-performance hiking sneakers made of waterproof material are also convenient for city wearing. There are plenty of designs that are not inferior to the city specifications, so if you are looking for functional sneakers, hiking sneakers may be your aim.
High cut

Mini-length bottoms are said to be the trend in 2021. If you put high-top sneakers on your mini-length feet, you can use it as a substitute for short boots and give it a wide range of style. A classic type high cut with a straight sole is recommended.
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