The integration between digital marketing and off-line marketing continues to be a strength for most companies, regardless of the sector they belong to.Get more news about Magazine Packing Machine,you can vist our website!

In the field of direct marketing products, such as magazines and flyers, Sitma boasts a unique know-how with a portfolio of specific solutions for packaging, enveloping and sorting.

This heterogeneous and fast-moving world includes goods such as advertising flyers, envelopes, newspapers, catalogs and leaflets, characterized by logics that often accompany online campaigns and require very short times for printing, packaging and shipping.The key factor is speed. By their very nature, products such as advertising flyers or promotional vouchers convey a message limited in time. In response to this need, our goal is to propose the right solution that guarantees production efficiency, with a reduced economic and environmental impact.

Sitma is able to set up complete lines that cover all stages: from collection to sorting to shipment, through packaging, weighing and labeling. We started our activities in the Direct Mailing product-packaging sector over half a century ago, and since then, Sitma has maintained a leadership position on the market.Sitma is not satisfied with offering the best performing systems on the market, but wants to help reduce the carbon footprint of the entire process. The company was in fact among the first in the sector to invest in technologies for paper packaging, in order to ensure maximum sustainability. While also able to pack through traditional plastic films, the solutions dedicated to magazines and flyers are designed to allow paper packaging, which represents the best choice in terms of sustainability and recycling options.

But each product is unique, and not all products must be packaged in the same way. In fact, Sitma is able to find the solution that best meets your needs. This is where our strength lies: offering versatile solutions that allow our interlocutor to choose the type of packaging that best suits his product, philosophy and needs, allowing high levels of customization.When it comes to Direct Marketing, nothing is more important than the communications impact. And paper is the material that best lends itself to this purpose, allowing various customization methods. The technologies for magazine and flyer paper packaging are particularly advanced — not only in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of flexibility. In fact, they offer the possibility to effectively convey messages of different types on the external packaging, without sacrificing the packaging quality. Logos, full color prints, personalized messages based on the individual person? All of this is possible with Sitma solutions.

In fact, paper wrapping is as robust as traditional plastic solutions, while being practical and easy to open at the same time. You can also further customize the package by inserting components such as promotional postcards, cards or invoices. By taking advantage of the flexible characteristics of the package — and of the machines themselves — Sitma therefore allows you to customize the shape and content of the packages. And again in terms of flexibility, Sitma solutions offer the possibility to package magazines and flyers of different sizes on the same machine.
The customer can implement innovative technologies such as paper wrapping on Sitma machines already in use. Thanks to the retrofit processes designed by the company, the use of paper – in most cases – does not require you to change machines or production lines. More generally, all the solutions are designed to be updated in a simple and cost-effective way over the years. This makes Sitma solutions a safe investment over time.

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