Worst Palm Angels in History

For each profession, the personal qualities of a specialist are important, whether it be a pilot or even a marketer. For a Digital designer, the most important qualities are purposefulness Palm angels and interest in the new. A specialist must develop observation, that is, look for good programs for himself, go to shows and exhibitions of designers he likes, try new approaches in his work.
Anastasia Skabelkina, who is a media artist and founder of the new media art laboratory ,said that: “you need to be open, constantly observe what is happening, because every day something new comes out, and in order to be relevant, everything is important to study it." But along with openness to the new, you need to analyze the information so as not to lose your individuality in the end.
In the end, each person must decide for himself whether he likes the gradual transition to digital design or not. However, we can already say that technological progress cannot be stopped.
Some areas of life go into oblivion, some, on the contrary, are just emerging. People look at environmental problems differently and try to do everything possible to save our planet. Digital design is still only a small step towards a “better” world for us and our descendants, which, as a result, can become one of the most important for humanity.
Not only customers, but also designers often cannot clearly explain what the differences between rebranding and restyling are. Sometimes ignorance of the terms slows down the work on the design: the client says that he applied for a rebranding, but in reality he just wants to refresh the logo.
rebranding is a deep change in the brand concept. It implies not only external, but also internal changes - a change in the mission, values ​​and positioning of the brand. The desire to change the market or target audience may push the company to rebrand.

restyling is a change in the logo and corporate identity of the company, taking into account the existing identity. When restyling, the concept and meanings of the brand remain unchanged: the logo, corporate colors and fonts change, new corporate identity elements can be added.

Many restylings remain underestimated precisely Palm angels  because their essence is not explained to the audience. When you read the news about the change in identity, you expect a description of the new positioning there, but it is not there, because restyling does not imply a change in the semantic content of the brand.
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