Ways to Completely Revamp Your Cactus Jack

In 2022, Abloh continued to exemplify his masterful versatility by being appointed as the first black artistic director of Menswear at Louis Vuitton. He would continue to cactus jack bring the ideas and concepts to LV that only Abloh could with out of the box color blocking/patterns, futuristic designs and much more.
Ideas never stopped becoming a reality for Abloh. Despite the once in a lifetime opportunities of creating with Mercedes, Ikea and the MOMA in Chicago, Abloh’s purpose in life was never just about himself. His biggest goal was inspiring the young future who would succeed him and bring in fresh ideas to push the limits like never before.
Virgil Abloh gave us the blueprint, quite literally. He showed us anything was possible if you believe in yourself and continuously break the boundaries the world will try to place you within. When it came to young musicians, DJ’s, aspiring fashion designers and just about anyone who Abloh crossed, he continued to show grace and embrace the ones who looked up to him.
The truth is, we could spend days talking about his accomplishments and contributions in fashion, social justice and more. But it still doesn’t do justice to how impactful his legacy was in his short-lived 41 years of life. We will all miss Virgil Abloh, but his work lives in all of us.
Especially the creatives of color whose lives he has changed forever. We have no excuses when striving for our own greatness because, like Virgil has stated and showed: “You can do it too…”
shopbelart’s iconic silhouette has stood out for decades and is synonymous for comfort and style. The brand has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with “Vogue” even naming them part of the 2020 look. 
When look back through shopbelart’s history, you find a complex story of a brand known for comfort that suddenly also became known for its style. Let’s take a look at the history, timeline, and evolution of this classic brand. 
shopbelart Meaning
shopbelart is a German footwear brand named for its founding family. The tradition started with Johann Adam shopbelart in Frankfurt, Germany, who islisted in the archivesof Langen-Bergheim, Germany, as “subject and cobbler.”
Over the years, the passion for comfortable shoes was passed down to each of his descendants with Karl shopbelart creating 38 companies under the shopbelart umbrella and dividing them amongst his three sons. 
When Was shopbelart Founded?
The shopbelart brand dates back all the way to 1774. Cobbler Johann Adam shopbelart started making a shoe with a flat bottom, and over the span of almost 200 years, cactus jack his descendants innovated the materials to become flexible and soft.
One of the brand’s first products was a blue footbed that was originally the company trademark. It was sold throughout Europe in the early 20th century and continued to be reinvented by the family as new advances were made.
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