What Can The Premier League Learn From The NHL?

Do you think Premier League players get paid big? Do you think the Premier League is becoming less competitive and more predictable? Do you think there is a growing gap between some elite teams that challenge each other to win the trophy each season and teams whose challenge about the trophy can only be understood in their crazy dreams? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, keep reading because I am deeply critical of the Barclays Premier League and compare its practice and practice to that of the popular North American National Hockey League (or simply the NHL). ,

The NHL introduced a global wage cap throughout the league in 2005. This means announcing a pre-determined number at the start of each new season, setting a budget that all teams must adhere to. The maximum number changes each year as it is calculated based on NHL revenue from the previous season. The salary range has two main components, the "ceiling" and the "floor" - the ceiling is the maximum number of times teams can be allowed to spend together on a player's salary, and this must be strictly adhered to. The minimum, the minimum number by which the difference must be spent on collective wages.

Do you still understand that

The salary cap system was introduced as a way to control potentially rising player salaries, and as mentioned, the cap can fluctuate from year to year depending on the strength of the NHL revenue stream. It is believed to promote fairness by ensuring an equal distribution of NHL revenue among all teams, which - at least in theory - ranges from the huge wealth of each league team. The small market provides a level playing field for franchisees. The idea is specifically designed to counter the idea that a particularly wealthy man buys a starry team and leaves others, and would undoubtedly make Manchester City and Chelsea fans sick.

So what does this have to do with football and the premier league? good question In the seven seasons of the National Hockey League since the introduction of the salary ceiling for the Stanley Cup champions, hockey fans have crowned seven different teams. Compare this to the fact that in the 20-year history of the Premier League, only five teams have won the championship. It is clear which of these two organizations markets the most competitive product.

The idea of ​​a separate team winning the Premier League title every season is completely unheard of, and of course an elite minority would be against any such system, as it would allow their position in the sport and their ability to create continued success. ability would be compromised. On the field. However, something needs to be done to address the problem of rising player pay, as the figures below show an unstable picture of excessive spending. Premier League champion Manchester City 2010-2011. Other clubs, such as Aston Villa (103%), Chelsea (84%) and Sunderland (77%), have also published incredible figures. spent. player salaries.
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