Information on the California Climate Credit

The California Public Utilities Commission has issued the following press release:


Every spring and fall, millions of California residents receive credits on their electric and natural gas bills identified as the “California Climate Credit.” The California Climate Credit is part of California’s efforts to fight climate change.


Usually, these credits are distributed twice a year, in April and October. Most residents receive a natural gas credit in April, and electric credits in April and October. For 2020, in order to mitigate the effects of increased residential electric bills that were likely to result due to the Governor's March 19, 2020 stay-at-home order and provide residential customers increased opportunity to invest in energy-savings products, CPUC directed most electric utilities to advance the distribution of the October credit.  


In 2021, CPUC returned the distribution of the electric residential California Climate Credit to the standard twice-annual April and October schedule.

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