How To Grow Oysters using Weed Edibles Heat Pasteurization

The following day you can inoculate your straw. At this point you want the straw to be cooled to at least 85° before inoculating, but preferably closer to 75°.
To get started you will want to choose whether you want to grow your mushrooms in bags or buckets. One small bale of straw will inoculate approximately 6 14x40 or 18x36 oyster THC Edibles bags or ten, 5-gallon buckets. Next, you'll need your spawn. You can either use grain or sawdust spawn, but the more popular choice is grain because it breaks up so easily.
Use an inoculation rate of 5% spawn per wet weight of the straw. This translates to 1 lb of spawn per 20 lbs of straw. Another way to think about it is you'll need about 1 lb of spawn per sleeve, or oyster bag, depending on size, or about ½ lb of spawn per 5-gallon bucket.
Before getting started, wipe down your work area with a bleach or alcohol solution in order to lower the risk of introducing any contaminants. It's also helpful to do this in a room that does not have a lot of traffic as moving bodies and open doors can move around a lot of airborne particles.
Today we're going to use a bag- we're going to stuff about 5-7 handfuls of straw into the bag before adding spawn. Lightly incorporate a layer of spawn and then Buy Edibles Canada compress the straw as much as possible.
We use a slam and compress technique in order to get rid of as much airspace as possible. Layer straw and spawn, using your fingers to tease in spawn at each layer, compressing after each addition. After filling the bag, zip tie it shut and cut small Xs every 4 to 6 inches in staggered rows.
Place your bag or bucket in a warm environment, ideally somewhere in the 70-75° range, for 2-5 weeks depending on strain and incubation temperature. During this time the mycelium will begin running throughout the bag or bucket.
If you're using a sleeve, you will be able to see condensation appear after a day or two- this is good and means the mycelium is healthy. Over the next several weeks the mycelium will work its way through the bag and slowly coat the straw in white. The only exception to this is pink oyster, which will not have a heavy, white mycelium.
After 3-4 weeks you will start to see pins develop at several of the cut sites in the bag or holes in the bucket. These pins will look nothing like mushrooms at this stage, Bubblegum THC Gummy but rather just textured blobs.
 At this stage move the bags to a fruiting room. Fruiting rooms should be cooler than the incubation space, 65° is optimal, with a humidity of around 85-90%. Bags should also have 10-12 hours of natural or incandescent light.
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