Mushroom Cultivation:Buy Lsd Canada Principle And Techniques

Mushroom cultivation
Edible mushrooms can be grown both indoors and outdoors, in a basement, garage or covered area in the garden. It is necessary that the space is ventilated, without however that it is in current of draft: the mushrooms hate that! The temperature must be constant, but it differs according to the cultivated species. Good news then, it is a culture within everyone's reach!
The oyster mushroom , meanwhile, is grown all year round. Buy Lsd Canada The ideal temperature is between 15 and 25°C. During the high heat of summer, the culture is more complex.
Place The Mushroom Box at home in a well-lit room (such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.): light is essential for the oyster mushrooms to be nicely colored. Do not place next to a heat source (radiator, hob, etc.) and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
Why grow mushrooms?
Home cultivation of mushrooms has many advantages. First of all, you recycle your waste: coffee grounds create an excellent substrate for growing mushrooms, as we do with our Monte Cristo oyster mushrooms.
Then the culture allows you to understand how the fungus grows, what are its peculiarities. This has a very appreciable playful aspect. You collect it yourself: you opt for a short circuit, without intermediary. This limits your carbon footprint. Finally, you consume fresh: you cultivate, you harvest and you cook!
How to grow mushrooms?

Our model is based on the circular economy and the concept of urban agriculture. By recycling the tons of coffee grounds produced every day, we allow everyone to grow quality mushrooms at home: oyster mushrooms. What could be better than being able to cultivate and then taste at home a product that is usually enjoyed in the forest?
And what's more, from organic waste. This is the experience we want you to experience: to show everyone that they can contribute to a better world on their own scale by recycling their organic waste to transform it into resources.
Why oyster mushrooms?
Oyster mushrooms eat wood. They can grow wherever they are, if undergrowth conditions are recreated. This is what we invite you to experience at home, with the Mushroom Box . Cultivating a morel is a little more perilous: you need a 10-year-old oak tree; To grow a chanterelle, you need a forest in a temperate climate. So we naturally opted for the oyster mushroom!
Grow with natural and organic fertilizer

Our circular economy chain makes it possible to obtain very high quality oyster mushrooms. Twice as concentrated in dry matter as a conventional oyster mushroom.
Monte Cristo are very rich in aromas. Their consistency and their maintenance allow all types of preparation. This is why Yannick Alléno and the Chefs of the Culinary College of France have chosen this mushroom for their restaurant.
For Grégoire Bleu, "with coffee grounds, in addition to preserving Buy Lsd Canada the straw traditionally used for growing oyster mushrooms, we are developing a growing method that improves the final product".
To which Arnaud Ulrich adds that “the residue of oyster mushroom cultures is much more enriching for the soil than if you simply put coffee grounds in it.
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