Hand Maid’s Tale On Golden Teacher Mushroom

The research studies listed above found that supplementation with lion’s mane supported mental functioning. This nootropic effect lasted while older adults consumed the powdered mushroom but faded when supplementation was discontinued.
Chaga is an odd-looking fungus that grows on birch trees in the Golden Teacher Mushroom colder regions of the northern hemisphere. With a woody consistency too hard to eat and containing natural vanillins, chaga has been ground and consumed as a fragrant tea or coffee substitute.
Whereas lion’s mane’s unique properties support the brain and nervous system, chaga is known for its adaptogenic potential. An adaptogen is a natural plant or fungal product valued in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for supporting the body’s response to physical, chemical, and biological stress. An adaptogen supports the body’s homeostatic balance, which has implications for blood pressure and stress hormones.
In terms of antioxidants, chaga has one of the highest levels available in foods. This may support healthy aging as antioxidants counteract the tissue damage caused by oxidative stress. Chaga has been used to support healthy, skin, hair, and nails.
Can You Take Lion’s Mane and Chaga Together?
To get the combined nootropic and adaptogenic benefits of lion’s mane and chaga, you can take both of them together. This may be accomplished in different ways. Om Mushroom has a variety of high-quality products made from organic mushroom powder to support your wellness efforts.
If you wish to benefit from the individual whole mushroom powders by taking a dose of each, start by stirring a teaspoonful of Om Lion’s Mane Organic Mushroom Powder blend into your Golden Teacher Mushroom morning coffee and dressing it up as you usually do with cream and/or sugar.
This will provide 2g of lion’s mane fruit body and mycelial biomass with all its bioactive substances. Remember to swirl your cup slightly as you drink to avoid leaving any of its superfood powder behind.
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