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For years, vitamin D has been studied for its incredible health benefits. From improving bone health to enhancing the immune system, this sunshine vitamin has proved itself worthy of attention, time and time again.
But despite its importance, nearly 42% of Americans lack adequate vitamin D. Modern indoor lifestyles keep us out of the sun’s rays, which can provide people with vitamin D when exposed to our skin. Even when we are outside, sunscreen, sunglasses and protective clothing can block us from adequate exposure.
For the many people who may not receive enough vitamin D from the sun, it might be time to start incorporating it into your diet instead. Since the spread of the Covid-19 virus, at least 65 studies have been Buy shrooms online reviewed to investigate the relationship between vitamin D and Covid. Many show a positive influence on Covid-19 prognoses, including severity and duration of symptoms and more. 
Let’s review some of the highlights of the latest research and see how the sunshine mineral might affect the Covid virus. 
In one study, those with Covid had lower Vitamin D levels.

While it’s debatable if those with low vitamin D levels are more susceptible to getting and having symptoms from the virus, one study found that the majority of positive Covid patients in their care had a vitamin D deficiency. 
The study published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that of the 216 Covid-positive patients they observed, 82.2% had vitamin D levels lower than the recommended healthy range. Of these patients, mean vitamin D levels were 13.8 ± 7.2 ng/mL, compared with 20.9 ± 7.4 ng/mL in the control group.
Additionally, three other large-scale clinical trials have all observed that deficiencies in vitamin D can significantly elevate the risk of more severe or fatal Covid-19 outcomes. Learn more about how vitamin D deficiency can affect your health here.
Vitamin D may prevent worse outcomes, if used early into the infection.
Numerous studies support the conclusion that after someone tests positive with Covid-19, vitamin D could prevent them from experiencing severe symptoms— if taken early.
Analysis of 65 Covid and vitamin D studies found that positively-tested patients who took vitamin D doses days after infection sprang back from the symptoms better than those who received later treatment with the sunshine nutrient. 
“With all studies, it shows a 63% improvement,” Tim Avila, founder and president of Buy shrooms online Systems Bioscience, shared. “But early treatment studies are off the charts—90% improvement.”
In another study on French nursing home residents, not only did their Covid patients in the vitamin D group have a better survival rate, but they also experienced less severe cases of the virus.
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