Can Mushroom Microdose Psychedelics Improve Your Mental Health?

The question, however, is not just whether microdosing is effective, but also whether it’s safe. Until clinical trials are complete, we will not have a full answer, but there is already research to suggest that certain people may be vulnerable to negative side effects.
In particular, some people may have psychotic episodes or other mental health issues triggered by taking psychedelics, especially if they have a history of psychosis or mushroom microdose  pre-existing risk for serious psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Although microdosing involves a much lower amount of the drug, it is still possible that the negative consequences may hold true.
Furthermore, survey research has revealed side effects specific to microdosing. Some people have reported unwanted symptoms such as migraines, over-stimulation, difficulty sleeping, physical discomfort, and sometimes even anxiety, despite the promise of these drugs to alleviate it.
It is not yet well-understood how these symptoms relate to the exact dosage, scheduling, and type of drug taken, but they do show that negative effects can potentially occur. 
All in all, it is still far too early to say whether microdosing is a viable way to harness the potential of psychedelics for mental health treatment. Much more research needs to be done to understand not only how it works, but what the potential consequences and side effects are. If clinical trials confirm the safety and efficacy of microdosing psychedelics, these could represent a new avenue for mental health treatment. 
Psychedelics are still schedule 1 drugs in the U.S. meaning they are illegal at the federal level. This creates problems with reliable and safe sources for the drugs. Potency is not standardized, so 500mg of one mushroom vs. 500mg of another or a microdose of different types of LSD could produce extremely varied results. There are also safety concerns if the supplier is less than scrupulous.
If you wanted to truly try microdosing, you might consider going to a state where marijuana is decriminalized and purchasing some edibles like THC gummies. These are standardized doses that could be cut to reliable microdoses. Remember, microdoses are supposed to be “subperceptual”. You should NOT feel “stoned”. Sometimes these drugs can intensify your symptoms temporarily. If you have a negative reaction, then microdosing is not for you.
If you respond positively to THC without negative side effects, you might consider graduating to true psychedelics. You truly need to have someone sober that you trust with you during your first experiment. Save a second dose of whatever you’re trying in case you need medical attention, so that the doctor can know what you took. There are many articles and books about microdosing. Inform yourself.
Again, the biggest hurdles are the risk of criminal prosecution and safe reliable suppliers. You might want to consider volunteering for a clinical trial of psychedelics at mushroom microdose Johns Hopkins if you are in the Baltimore area. You might also consider a “retreat” in a country where psychedelics are legal. These are full dose experiences, but two treatments are showing amazing results treating depression, curing addictions, and helping patients with end of life anxiety.
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