How To Organize An Unforgettable Lsd Microdose Themed Party

As the blogger himself stated, he embarked on this adventure to achieve two goals. First of all, he had dealt with mushrooms last year and, during that experience that went far "beyond words", he became lsd microdose convinced that human evolution must be conducted consciously by working in close collaboration with plants, including mushrooms.
With fasting he wanted to come to a profound understanding of how these can help in a path of personal evolution. And secondly, he was sick of hearing the opinion of the so-called "experts" who claim that psychedelic drugs are dangerous substances: by experimenting on himself, he wanted to prove exactly the opposite.
At this point one wonders if this is not a reckless behavior that only reinforces the negative perception that hovers around the irresponsible use of drugs. We certainly manage to see the interesting aspect of the matter but, in this climate of fundamental misunderstanding towards psychedelics, it is important not to feed the beast. However, research has shown that mushrooms are, in reality, very little dangerous and everything lies in dealing with them with due caution and in a safe environment, as well as not being abused, just to do it.
Fasting before ingesting an entheogen is rooted in many indigenous cultures that have to do with plants. Fasting, in fact, is common before and after Ayahuasca rituals, peyote ceremonials and mushroom gatherings. It is not unusual to prolong the fast for several days after the experience, as this helps the introspective process.
Many ceremonial gatherings with Ayahuasca, for example, involve fasting based on fruit juice, which is easier for urbanites to find than some other entheogen found in the forests. But, in and of itself, light eating and fasting, in conjunction with the use of psychedelics, is an ancient practice.
Through his experience, the blogger describes his spiritual adventure as the product of the combination of fasting and consuming magic mushrooms: eating mushrooms without fasting, in his opinion, would not provoke the same visions. On the second day of fasting, he says, he met a mushroom spirit, who told him that he would gain a lot of wisdom, thanks to his decision to fast.
Fasting aimed at improving the depth of the lived experience pursues the goal successfully, but before embarking on a similar journey, you need to make sure that you understand what fasting means. It would be wise to try a quick fast before moving on to the actual experience in order to familiarize yourself with this type of feeling.
The author of the crackedi phone glass blog had already had previous experiences, both as regards fasting and the consumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Fasting in itself is already a great challenge, lsd microdose especially if it lasts 10 days. Dealing with the experience of hunger is one of the first things that crosses one's mind but, as we learn from the blogger's diaries, the hunger he felt during his journey was never too much.
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