Types of massage and their benefits

Wellness massage
It is a relaxing, revitalizing procedures that are offered to us in SPAs, sanatoriums and resorts. Even healthy, young people are recommended to take a course twice a year.
Competent conduct of massage helps to relieve muscular, emotional tension, massaging the cervical spine will help with headaches. This shallow muscle work is carried out in the direction of the circulation of fluid in the body, which activates the lymphatic and circulatory systems of the body. Allows you to just get a lot of positive emotions during the procedure.
Sports massage
Used to prepare for or recover from physical exertion. This kind of massage is very popular and necessary for sportsmen. For non-sporting people the techniques of this type of massage are used after injuries to improve blood circulation in the place of injury.
Today, the benefits of massage are not disputed. Methods and techniques of procedures do not stand still. In this field new researches are constantly appearing, allowing successfully treating pathologies and making the human body more perfect and beautiful.
There are also kinds of massage such as best erotic massage prague designed to make you more relaxed and satisfied. 
 As any medical procedure the massage has its contraindications. You should consult your doctor before choosing this or that kind of massage. It's a hackneyed phrase, but health is more important.
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