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If you consume hallucinogenic truffles with friends, it goes without saying that you should work together so that you have a pleasant experience, and take care of each other to prevent shrooms online canada someone from having a negative experience. Different dosages have different effects on each person. Therefore, what some may consider an easy experience to manage, for others can be very intense and powerful. The important thing is to stay calm, stay positive, and empathize with those who are having an unpleasant experience.
If things start to get too much and you don't feel like you can handle the situation, try changing something in the environment. For example, you could turn on the light, turn off the music, or walk away from a friend who can't stop talking. Move to another room, or exit to view a different landscape. Breathing exercises are very useful for focusing and returning to the center of yourself, relieving anxiety. If you love music, try singing! Singing releases dopamine in the brain, and more often than not, it's enough to put the trip back in a positive direction.
Sometimes, in high dosages, things can really get crazy. The subject may experience what appears to be a temporary psychosis. It can happen that you forget who you are and where you are as the effects of the substance take over your consciousness.
The most important thing to keep in mind is that the trip is temporary - you have taken a drug, and the effects will eventually wear off, leaving you at "base level". No matter how crazy the effects are, they will eventually wear off. This awareness can be very reassuring for someone who is experiencing an unpleasant trip, so be sure to let them know.
Trips, for most people, can be very tiring, both mentally and physically. For this reason it is important not to have subsequent commitments, so that you can spend time reflecting on the experience you have just lived and compare it with that of your friends.
Leave the day after the trip completely free of commitments - probably the only thing you will want to do is sit down, smoke a few joints, talk and reflect. During these conversations, shrooms online canada profound analyzes and wise insights often emerge. Some trips are life changing, they are transformative experiences. So who knows what you want to do next?
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