Is It Safe To Mix Weed And Golden Teacher Mushroom?

Combining ganja with hallucinogenic mushrooms is like watching two waves come together: the peaks can get higher, the depressions deeper, or everything can flatten out completely. To find out how to mix these two psychedelics, we will analyze what happens when they come together in our body.
In principle, mixing drugs should be avoided at all costs. golden teacher mushroom Taking different drugs at the same time can cause unpleasant trips , hospitalizations and even death. But what happens when the mixed substances contain no chemicals, but are in fact natural organisms?
Ganja and hallucinogenic mushrooms, very popular substances, belong to the category of "all natural" drugs. One is made up of flowers of a plant, while the other is a mushroom. This leads to an important question: in this case, is it safe to take the two substances at the same time? With what effects?
To understand the combined effects of cannabis and hallucinogenic mushrooms, we must first analyze the two substances separately. Searching for the effects of cannabis online, one can often get confused: ganja is described as energizing, stimulating, relaxing, euphoric and calming. In fact, there are thousands of different cannabis strains, each with specific effects. These genetics are divided into two main categories: sativas, which have an energizing effect, and indicas, which are
Regardless of the strain, cannabis stimulates "different" perceptions: the colors become more vibrant and the music seems more catchy . Thoughts chase each other along bizarre, often amusing, enlightening, and sometimes disturbing paths. The consumer may feel full of energy and vitality, although sleepiness tends to predominate over time. Often we feel happier than usual, and we tend to live more in the present. Weed can also stimulate hunger, sleep, and sexual desire.
During a hallucinogenic mushroom trip, the consumer feels an energy throughout the body, as a sense of wholeness running through the chest and muscles. The mind becomes clearer, but begins to make strange connections that seem to come from outside — the most complex existential problems suddenly seem to have very simple solutions. After taking hallucinogenic mushrooms, the psychonaut does not feel capable of lying, either to himself or to others.
Visual hallucinations caused by mushrooms change according to the variety of mushrooms and the dose consumed . During the trip, the repetitive patterns within the visual field golden teacher mushroom connect with each other, forming hallucinations: a punctured tire can become a coiled snake, a tree can transform into a sorcerer, and a lawn can become filled with geometric designs.
That said, hallucinations are generally not perceived as real by the consumer.
During a trip with hallucinogenic mushrooms, you tend to lose your appetite and can't sleep. Click here for some tips on how to prepare for a psychedelic trip.
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