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Submitted 2016-10-27 12:42:34 Most of us know it quite well that protein is highly essential for the development of our body. In fact Trevor Story Womens Jersey , it is one of the three elements that are responsible for the growth of our muscles. The other two elements are fats and carbohydrates. It is also true that the presence of protein helps in restoring the supply of amino acid to our body. For those who do not know, amino acids are the prime constituent of muscle growth.

So, those were some of the reason why it is so important to include a certain amount of protein in our daily food intake. When our body do not get enough amount of protein on daily basis then our body turns out to be weaker. In fact, protein is also responsible for the regulation of appetite related to our body. Hence, we need to include some foods that contain good amount of protein, and it is very true that meat is one of the best sources of the same.

However Charlie Blackmon Womens Jersey , not everyone can prepare and cook meat on daily basis. In the present era, people remain busy most of the times; and, as a result of it, they depend heavy on snacks and fast food items for filling up their tummy. But, fast food items are certainly not good for our health. So, what are the alternatives available? Is there any food that can be consumed instantly Daniel Murphy Womens Jersey , without causing any bad effect on our health? Well, there is a perfect solution, and it has come in the form of air dried meat, popularly known as Biltong.

What is Biltong and why it is so good?

Made from different kinds of red meats, this food item is highly dense on protein content, and one does not have to cook it in anyway. You can eat this food stuff like any other snacks Carlos Gonzalez Womens Jersey , and you will surely feel the difference in few days. As a matter of fact, this food product is prepared by air drying the meat. In order to produce 100 grams of dried and cured meat, one would have to begin with 200 grams of raw meat. So, it can be said that 100 grams of dried meat is equivalent to 200 gram of raw meat.

When you consume 100 grams of biltong then your body gets up to 57 gram of protein, which is enough for a day. One more impressive aspect about this food stuff is that the protein contained in red meat is easily digestible. To be more specific, the protein in red meat is more or less 94 percent digestible; on the other hand Black Todd Helton Jersey , the figure for other food items like beans and whole wheat are 78 percent and 86 percent respectively. Hence, the protein contained in dried meat is absorbed by your body in a much better way.

Some more reasons to consider it as your best snack

鈥?The content of vitamin B12 in biltong is also quite impressive. We all know that B12 is highly essential in the production of red blood cells. In addition, it also helps in keeping the nervous system in healthy condition.
鈥?Dried meat contains good amount of iron, which is also helpful in the production of red blood cells. For the sound health of muscle, iron is quite important.
鈥?When it comes to making new enzymes and cells then zinc does a big role. Dried meat contains good amount of zinc. It also helps enhance the level of fertility in men as well as women.
Hence, those were some of the main reasons to consume processed dried meat on daily basis. The taste of this food stuff will surely pamper your taste buds as well.

Are you afraid of your own best ideas? Do you ever have that cold chill run up your spine just about the time you feel you're ready to take hold of that golden opportunity that comes once in a lifetime? Well guess what? I been there Black Nolan Arenado Jersey , done that, and won the T-Shirt. You Too?? Hmmm.

Ali Baba and his Den of Thieves could never have plundered as much wealth, peace of mind, love and joy as one mind paralyzed with fear could take. One of the things, that I found, that often prevent us from putting on our best dog and pony show is timidity. And Black Trevor Story Jersey , to add insult to injury the timidity rears its ugly head right at the moment of our strongest inspiration.

Yea, And Then As Luck Would Have It.

And then all the boldness we could possibly muster just melts like a snow ball on a hot July day. Whether we admit it or not, we are just a little bit afraid of those ideas when they first occur to us and, also for awhile after we have thought about them.

Now this may seem a little over rated and silly, but, there is no doubt about it. It takes a certain amount of boldness to step out and place ourselves between the devil and the deep blue sea. Yet Black Charlie Blackmon Jersey , it is exactly this kind of boldness that often creates our place in the sun.

When an idea is untested, we have no past history to base our confidence on. So, this creates a little fear and starts that little voice inside our head talking to us. And, it says things like; what if you're wrong? What will you do then? What will you tell your family? Why don't you just forget this cock and bull idea? You know how gullible you are.

Maybe I Better Cover My Backside!

And then we answer that little Ali-Baba voice and say to ourselves, "yes, maybe I better think this through a little more". All you've done Black Daniel Murphy Jersey , at that point, is began a wrestling match with your own head. At this point, you have obviously done a significant amount of preparation and planning. And, NOW, at the moment of truth, you get as nervous as a pregnant possum.

Have you ever noticed that it's at the moment of decision when the fear arises? Have you ever noticed that you're as bold as a Lion up until the moment when it's time to step out of the boat and walk on the water? And Black Carlos Gonzalez Jersey , at that moment, you start clucking like a chicken. Why didn't you cluck when you first got the idea?

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