BTS Boys To Hold World Tour In 2022 ARMY Cannot Keep Calm

BTS Boys To Hold World Tour In 2022 ARMY Cannot Keep Calm
BTS boys - Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, V and Suga enjoy massive fan following around the world. The K-pop singers are currently on a short break and is at their home in South Korea. However, seems like they are also planning for a world tour this year.
Yes, you read it right. Recently, BangtanTV dropped a video in which BTS members were seen hinting regarding their World Tour in 2022. In the video, the singers can be seen answering interview questions as well. However, one question that caught everybody’s attention was that of the world tour. RM translated a reporter’s question to V aka Kim Taehyung asking him to blink thrice if the septet will go on a world tour in the year 2022. While V blinked rapidly, he was joined by Jimin and the rest of his fellow group members too.
While the video is now going viral on social media, it has also left ARMY wondering if they should take this as a confirmation of BTS’ World Tour in 2022. Needless to say, the video has left ARMY members from across the world super excited. “BTS World Tour 2022 is happening soon, you all. I just know it. Let’s go," one of the fans wrote. Another social media user tweeted, “Hobi blinked 3 times so confirmed, BTS WORLD TOUR 2022!"
Meanwhile, BTS boys are also due to hold another of their Permission To Dance On Stage concert in March which will be in their home turf Seoul. Last month, Big Hit Music agency confirmed that the concert will be held ‘without a hitch’ and issued a statement. “We were preparing to attend the awards ceremony, but we stopped discussion after hearing the news of the postponement. However, the concert in Seoul that is scheduled in March will be held without a hitch,” the statement read.
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