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If New World becomes free or is subject to a promotional offer on stores like Epic Games, PlayStation Store, Steam, and Humble Bundle, you’ll know about it. Just check this page regularly.Every massive multiplayer online game has an impressive array of items for the players to find, craft, or acquire as rewards. In a tradition that began with the first Diablo games and continues until today, the upcoming MMORPG New World also has a lot to offer players when it comes to collecting neat and useful items and tools. Foremost on every player's mind, however, is the selection of weapons.

Every player has their own preference when it comes to their favorite weapons, whether they are useful or purely cosmetic. The following ranking outlines the best weapons in terms of tier levels, buffs, and other abilities; however, players shouldn't let that keep them from equipping or seeking out a certain weapon that complements their build.

Updated on October 18th, 2021, by Kristy Ambrose: New World still retains its fresh and shiny glow, it just isn't so new anymore. Gamers have spent a few weeks exploring Aeternum and have some new discoveries to report. That includes a few savage, beautiful, and fun ways to do some damage to enemies, heal the party, or defend your allies. Faction rewards, high-level drops, and expertly crafted items make up the new additions to our small catalog of the best weapons in New World.

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