Shadowlands Breaks WoW Pre-sales Record Ahead Of Launch

Shadowlands Breaks WoW Pre-sales Record Ahead Of Launch

Shadowlands is set to be the next major expansion in World of Warcraft series after the massively popular Battle for Azeroth, which came out in 2018. This will be the eighth expansion in the popular franchise and feature tons of new content for the WoW fans at launch. These include the addition of eight new dungeons, first level squish, Covenants, a Roguelike Tower, six new zones, and plenty of customization options.To get more news about wow gold pay pal, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

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Game developers also offered fans an opportunity to get involved with the Shadowlands prepatch over the last weekend before the Shadowlands event release. This allowed fans to get their hands on all the current WoW expansions for free for a limited time. The upcoming title has become one of the highly anticipated games this year and it also had more pre-sales compared to any other expansion in the World of Warcraft series. The video game has been available for pre-order for a little over a week now and it offers four different editions.
Base Edition - The Shadowlands Base Edition is available for $39.99 and it comes with the base video game along with early access to Death Knights for Allied Races and Pandaren.

Heroic Edition - The Heroic Edition of Shadowlands is available for $59.99 and it comes with everything included in the Base Edition. In addition, fans will also get quick access to the Ensorcelled Everwyrm flying mount along with the level 120 Character Boost.

Epic Edition - The Shadowlands Epic Edition costs $79.99 and it features everything that is included in the Heroic Edition. Additionally, fans will also get 30 days of game time, an otherworldly Eternal Traveler’s effect for the Hearthstone, the Anima Wyrmling pet, and the Illusion: Wraithchill, which is a special cosmetic effect for the weapon.

Collector's Edition - The Collector's Edition of the new expansion can be pre-ordered for $119.99 and it comes with everything that is available in the Epic Edition. Apart from this, it also includes the Collector's Edition Soundtrack key, a four-pin collector's set of Covenant Sigils, a mousemat, and an Art of the Shadowlands book.

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