Niavaran opening pipe is one of the prosperous areas of Tehran, which is located in the northern part of Tehran and in the Shemiran region. It is adjacent. This place is located in District 1 of Tehran Municipality.
What is the structure of the neighborhood?
The structure of this neighborhood can probably be described as a cultural-historical structure, the existence of structures such as the Cultural Center, Tekiyeh, as well as the palace, which is one of the important historical and cultural structures in this neighborhood, is the reason for this statement. In general, the unique landscape and excellent weather of Niavaran is one of the factors that has attracted many people and has made this neighborhood known as one of the special neighborhoods with a pleasant climate in the capital and has also been very popular. Be.
Niavaran opening pipe
Niavaran opening pipe
Possibility of access and main streets of the neighborhood
This place has almost convenient access to Sadr Highway. Other achievements of this neighborhood are the ability to reach Manzaria and Faizieh streets, Firoozbakhsh street and Pasdaran street. Regarding the use of public transportation, I must say that the shortest distance from the metro station to the neighborhood is Tajrish station, and from Tajrish Square, special taxis will take you to your desired location. In order to reach Tajrish neighborhood, you can also use BRTs along the railway-Tajrish route and other buses that go to Tajrish Square. Bus lines between Tajrish-Darabad Square and Saba Azgol Boulevard-Ghods Square also pass through the station in this area. Niavaran opening tube taxis operate in Tajrish Square and the newly established metro station, which have access to the most important neighborhood possible.
Familiarity with educational and cultural centers
This place has many schools that meet the educational needs of the locals, in the following section, we have mentioned a number of them:
Non-governmental preschool for boys sprouts of knowledge on Jamaran Street
Hakim Boys' Primary School on the first of Jahanshahi Street
Mehrtaban non-governmental girls' primary school in Nateghian alley
Shahid Chamran State Girls' Primary School in Ali Asghar Mohammadi Alley
Nazar Girls' Elementary School on Manzaria II Street
Mohammad Naraghi (Allameh Helli) Talented Boys' High School located in Manzaria Street
Ansar State Boys' High School in Reza Saeedi Street
Faizieh Conservatory on Faizieh Street
Lajevardi High School at the end of Shahid Jebli Street
Mohammad Chizari Secondary School, located on Bahonar Street
In this neighborhood, foreign language institutes such as the Iranian Language Institute are located on Mehr Street, the Iranian Language Institute is located in the park of the Iranian Language School, and so on. Of course, there are many cultural and artistic institutions and they meet the needs of the residents of the neighborhood. Also, the Association of Scientific-Applied Education, Studies and Tourist Guide of the Foundation is located on the street.
Important shopping malls
This place has several famous shopping centers, the names of which are mentioned in the following article: Narun Shopping Center, located at the corner of Kamraniyeh Street, Bahonar Street, Rosha Shopping Center, which is a sales center for several brands, and is located at the intersection of Ammar and Farmaniyeh streets. And Kimia Shopping Center on Ammar Street is one of the other shopping centers in this neighborhood. Atlas Mall Complex, which is a large complex in the commercial and entertainment dimension, is also located in the pipe opening neighborhood in Niavaran. For lovers of books and stationery, there is also a bookstore in this neighborhood.
Niavaran opening pipe
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Niavaran opening pipe
Niavaran opening pipe
Working process of opening pipe in Niavaran
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