The original addition to the gift for the birthday boy

Immediately striking is the souvenir and gift products: calendars, diaries, pens, lighters, clocks, tableware, picnic sets, paintings, toys, etc. Slightly more gifts dedicated to leisure, home and travel have appeared, stone products give way to glass sculptures, but much of the assortment is familiar and has been on the market for several years. Shapes, colors, sizes and material may change, but the product itself is essentially the same.

You can make a non-standard packaging of your gift by using this: a box, package or packaging which is applied:

- cartoons




- toasts



A few tricks for creating surprising gifts :

Unusual size or shape of traditional souvenirs: a huge cup of 5 liters or a pen half a meter long, a square umbrella, lollipops on a stick the size of A4;

Unusual purpose of the gift: a set of dishes for beating (for happiness or to relieve stress), cup holders for fans of plastic cups, special tea/coffee that activates the work of the brain;

Combining opposing qualities in a gift:

Fashionable/unfashionable: Hugo Boss labeled boots, D&G.

Old/New: a vintage telephone with speakerphone and fax, a vintage CD player, a wooden flash drive.

Valuable/to be thrown away: a roll of toilet paper (hand towel, wallpaper) consisting of a string of 500 euro bills .

For fans of cooking will be suitable where they can write down their original recipes, for example

A copy or semi-finished product of something you can't buy or get for nothing: a toy Oscar figurine made of chocolate, wood, clay, etc., a piece of a soccer field (lawn grass seed, ruler, scissors).

In conclusion, I would like to add that a lot of items with an appropriate presentation can be turned into gifts. The stereotypes of the target audience of recipients, catch phrases, proverbs and sayings will help in this. And resourcefulness and skillful use of improvised means will allow not only to please, but also to really surprise, without ruining you.

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