2019 Air Jordan 1 Mid Light Pink To Release this Summer

With the increase of the popularity of Air Jordan 1 in the country, the color matching of Mid shoes is also endless. Compared with the high-cost models, it has more outstanding cost performance, which makes many shoes like to be more popular. Recently, another new color matching Air Jordan 1 Mid Light Pink official release, let people shine. The new color scheme is available in pink and yellow, and the fresh style is perfect for summer. The overall solid color of the body is matched with the side-striking Swoosh and the flying wing design, and the large suede material makes the shoes more textured. The laces are designed in the same pale pink tones as the uppers. In addition to being suitable for girls, the boys are equally pleasantly surprised!

The Air Force 1 series is the evergreen series of Nike's many shoes. The classic shape and ever-changing shape make this pair of shoes unique. Recently, a unique color matching Nike Air Force 1 was first exposed. Inspired by the effects of 3D glasses, these shoes are embellished with a blue and pink Swoosh Logo on a pure white upper, giving them the same visual effect as 3D glasses. The lace buckle is embellished with 3D glasses logo, and the heel and insole are all matched in the same pattern. The overall design is unique.

Kyrie Low, who appeared last year, has been recognized by many practical parties for his dexterous shape and outstanding performance. Recently, the latest generation of Nike Kyrie Low 2 will be on sale. Compared with the 1st generation, the shoes are abandoned with the strap design, and the TPU board is used as the upper support. The outsole continues the curved surface design to make the start more excellent, and the smart low-cut style is believed to be favored by many defenders. In terms of color matching, black is used as the main color of the upper, the side is complemented by striking white Swoosh embellishment, the midsole is filled with splashing ink elements, and the insole and sole are printed with the exclusive logo of the Owen, indicating the identity of the shoe.

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