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WASHINGTON Dalvin Cook Limited Jersey , Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said on Thursday that China's effort to help 800 million people out of poverty is historic.

""This is one of the great stories in human history, frankly,"" said Kim in a press conference marking the start of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank annual meetings, when he was asked to comment on China's poverty reduction efforts.

""With evolution of the Chinese economic system and its embrace of the global market, China has lifted over 800 million out of poverty,"" said the World Bank chief.

With China as the major contributor to the world's poverty reduction progress Brian O'Neill Limited Jersey , the ratio of people living in extreme poverty in the world has dropped to less than 10 percent from 40 percent, said Kim.

""The lessons we learn in China... the fact that 800 million people were lifted out of poverty, the lessons we learned by working in China are very helpful to other middle income countries,"" said Kim.

According to Kim, the World Bank will continue to work with China in areas, such as healthcare system overhaul and ensuring social services access in distant regions in China.

When asked about China's economic outlook Mike Hughes Limited Jersey , Kim said that China has been making progress in reducing reliance on investment and exports and focusing on domestic consumption and services sector.

""We're encouraged that China has stayed on a course of this change from what they call rapid growth to more quality economic growth,"" said Kim.

At the same press conference, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said that the IMF upgraded China's economic outlook in 2017 and 2018 in view of its fiscal stimulus.

""We certainly welcome the decisions that have been made, particularly by the PBOC (China's central bank) to actually tame, reduce credit,"" said Lagarde.

Lagarde suggested China should continue the policies to rein in credit growth in order to prevent financial risks.


Grandpa's Hearing Center Mishap Health Articles | March 11 Womens Danielle Hunter Jersey , 2012

As some people get older, they tend to need more help with everyday activities. Many of the natural abilities they once possessed when they were younger begin to dissipate. So, they decide to get th...

As some people get older, they tend to need more help with everyday activities. Many of the natural abilities they once possessed when they were younger begin to dissipate. So, they decide to get the help necessary to function more comfortably in society with the onset of their new reality.

There are also those, however Womens Eric Kendricks Jersey , who are in denial and don't want to make the necessary changes or get the proper help.
For example, picture a man named Roy, who is getting up in age. For the most part he's been rather healthy and hasn't had to worry about the same medical issues many of his friends have been dealing with. So, when he began having problems, he couldn't believe it. Because of his pride, he wouldn't go to the hearing center for help. He refused to believe he needed their assistance.

Many of his family members began to notice his issue and they quickly brought it to his attention.

"Dad Womens Trae Waynes Jersey , I think you may need to get your ears checked," said his youngest daughter. "Lately, it seems we have to almost scream just so you can hear us."

"Maybe, he's just ignoring you," chuckled his eldest son. "Yeah, dad but in all seriousness I think you should take her advice and visit a hearing center."

The father shook his head in disagreement.

"There's no way I'm going to one of those places because my ears are just fine Womens Laquon Treadwell Jersey ," he said. "I'm not that old and I'm in perfect health. So, stop trying to make me feel any other way."

"Dad, we're only trying to help," said his son. "Just think about it, okay? Anyways, I'm about to go ahead and go help your granddaughter find some shoes for graduation next week."

Once both of his children had gone Womens Ben Gedeon Jersey , he sat down to think. He thought about what they'd said and contemplated going to the hearing center. However, his own pride wouldn't let him do it.

Nearly a week had passed and it was the night before his granddaughter's graduation. He set his alarm clock so he'd wake up on time. The next morning, he woke up to the ringing of his alarm and headed to turn it off. He then noticed that the time was two hours after the actual graduation. Realizing the sound wasn't as clear as usual, he hurriedly checked to see if the volume had been turned down. It hadn't. He sat back down on his bed, filled with disappointment, as he realized he'd missed his granddaughter's graduation.

He went to the phone to call and apologize for his actions. As he looked at his phone Womens Jaleel Johnson Jersey , he realized he had several voicemail messages and missed calls from family members. Obviously, he wasn't able to clearly hear their calls either.

Saddened and greatly disappointed in himself, he finally gave in and decided he'd be going to the hearing center bright and early the next morning; that is if he could hear the alarm clock.

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