Do you know these different types of laser Pointers?

Laser head can be divided into yellow laser head, red laser head, green laser head, purple laser head and blue laser head according to the light source. Laser needle can be divided into 1.5-V-AAA single battery, 2-1.5-V battery, 1-2-V battery, button battery, lithium battery charging. Laser prompt can be divided into Bluetooth laser prompt, infrared laser prompt and remote viewing laser prompt according to wireless transmission technology.

Laser heads can be divided into three types according to their functions: Laser pointer, reverse laser head and demonstration laser head. The laser emitter function is used only to emit lasers that are used for control only. In addition to the control function, the page turning laser needle also has the page turning function. The demo laser prompt is more complex and can be divided into laser prompt with simple mouse function, laser prompt with trackball and so on.

Low power green lights can be seen even at night due to the diffusion of atmospheric molecules. Astronomers often use these laser designators to point at stars and constellations. Green laser pointer can have a lot of output power. It uses a semiconductor laser diode with a wavelength of 405nm, a semiconductor laser near the ULTRAVIOLET band, low visibility, but capable of activating a printing function and chemically controlled fluorescence.The visible brightness of the laser pattern depends not only on the laser power and surface reflection level, but also on the color of the human eye. Because the human eye is most sensitive to green light in the visible spectrum and less sensitive to redder or bluer waves, green light appears brighter and brighter than other colors at the same power.

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