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How to Prepare Oracle 1Z0-821: Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Exam

Preparation Guide Oracle 1Z0-821: Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Exam


The 2019 Oracle Services Customer Solaris Service administration Essentials Certification Exam verifies that the candidate is familiar with Oracle Services Customer Solaris technology. This certification is also known as the Oracle 1z0-821 exam, and it serves as a standard for workers with internationally recognized expertise and abilities. Oracle is a multinational information technology company based in California. Oracle is a multinational corporation that specializes in enterprise technology applications. Oracle provides a variety of Solaris technologies and platforms, as well as hardware and resources, to assist companies in expanding their operations. Oracle's applications are focused on data management, business analytics, IT operations management, enterprise resource planning, security, and new technologies. Oracle's worldwide training and certification program for IT professionals is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and sought-after in the industry.

Oracle's Solaris software and technologies are the company's most well-known products. One of the most common corporate database solutions is Oracle Solaris, a relational Database Management System (DBMS). Oracle also develops and implements software and solutions for middle-stage information management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and supply chain management systems (SCM). The Oracle Database Foundation, often known as Oracle Database Management System, is a multi-model database management system (DBMS). It's a database that's widely used for database analysis and data storage. Oracle Database is offered from a number of service providers on a server, on premises, or in a hybrid Solaris solution. This exam guide gives a brief introduction to the topics of 1z0-821 practice exams and 1z0-821 exam dumps.

Introduction to Oracle 1Z0-821: Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Exam

The OCA and OCP Solaris 11 System Admin accreditation are aimed at individuals who have a strong foundation in the management of the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system at OCA level and have advanced their skills as a core operator in the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system and have a fundamental understanding of the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system. OCA accreditation includes essential system management capabilities including local disc devices, file systems, Solaris packages and updates installed and uninstalled and system boot processes and procedures running. System administration abilities like as setting network interfaces, maintaining swap configurations, crash exam dumps, and core files are covered by the OCP certification. Certification offers a strong basis for further education. It is preferred that you have current training and field experience. Oracle Certifications set applicants apart in the industry by giving them a competitive advantage based on their demonstrated competence. Notes and practice exercises for the 1z0-821 exam dumps should be prepared. Accreditation evaluation issues focus on real-world conditions which deal with real-time challenges, so for the candidate it is essential to have realistic knowledge of how to operate in the field of customer Solaris technological advancements along with all teaching programs and tutorials in the field of Oracle communication infrastructures.

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What is the duration, language, and format of Oracle 1Z0-821: Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Exam

Following are the quick details related to the Oracle 1z0-821 Certification Exam:

  • Exam type: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Exam Name: Oracle Utilities Customer Solaris Service 2019 Implementation Essentials
  • Exam Price: $250 (USD) The price for a country may vary depending on the localized currency rates.
  • Exam Code: 1z0-821
  • Duration: 150 minutes

Candidates may take the exam at any time according to their preference from wherever. Applicants may also take examinations in one of the allowed training institutions. At the time of entry, the candidates can select the examination method as appropriate.

  • Registration: The examination license must be obtained for all applicants qualified for the examination.

  • Period of examination

  • Test voucher: examination credentials from applicants may be acquired. Six months after the problem date, the voucher is accessible, which is a gift voucher that is forfeited, if utilized within six months.

The applicants will have 120 minutes to try 70 questions. Consequently, it becomes essential for applicants to plan the examination and to limit their time to one topic or subject.

  • Results of examination

Oracle's applications are focused on data management, business analytics, IT operations management, enterprise resource planning, security, and new technologies. The Oracle 1z0-821 certification is a pass or failure exam and the candidate must get an average requirement of 68percent of the overall for a certification evaluation. The applicants will get an e-mail with results from Oracle within 30 minutes after completion of the certification test. Test reports are also available on the CertView website, and applicants may view the test scores on the website and log into the CertView account by visiting the portal.

Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Sample Questions (Q190-Q195):

You have edited /etc/profile to include the lines:
export dennie_says
You have also edited /etc/skel/local.profile to include the line:
dennis_says=world You now create a new user account brian, and specify use of the bash shell. When brian logs in and enters
Echo $dennis_says
What will he see, and why?

  • A. hello, because the value specified in local.profile was not exported
  • B. hello, because the global /etc/profile entry overrides the local.profile entry
  • C. nothing, because the variable was not exported in local.profile
  • D. hello, because the local.profile entry is not automatically sourced on login
  • E. world, because the local.profile entry will be executed last

Answer: E

The $HOME/.profile file is an initialization file that is executed after the /etc/profile when logging in to the Bourne or Korn shell. The file contains user preferences for variable settings. If the ENV variable is set to .kshrc, the .kshrc file executes every time a new shell begins execution. The $HOME/.profile is copied from the /etc/skel/local.profile file by the Administration Tool when creating a new account.
Note: /etc/skel/local.profile Per-system configuration file for sh/ksh/ksh93/bash login sessions, installed for new users

Consider the following commands:
What is displayed when this sequence of commands is executed using the bash shell?

  • A. bash: syntax error near unexpected token '| |'
  • B. bash: syntax error broker pipe
  • C. cat: cannot open file1: No such file or directory Hello, world
  • D. cat: cannot open file1: No such file or directory
  • E. Hello, world

Answer: C

Reference: Bash Reference Manual, Lists of Commands

You are setting up an automated installer (AI) install server and issue the following command:
installadm create-service -n prod_ai -s /repo/prod_ai.iso \
-i -c 5 -d /export/repo
Which four options describe the install server that you have configured?

  • A. The service name is prod_ai.
  • B. The Install server will support up to five clients.
  • C. DHCP base IP address is
  • D. Five IP addresses are allocated for DHCP clients, starting with
  • E. The initial IP address for the install clients will be This IP address is temporary. After the client is booted, it will use IP addresses in the following range:
  • F. The AI net image ISO file is located in /repo/prod and the net image ISO will be unpacked in /export/repo.
  • G. The AI net image ISO file is located in /repo/repo and is named /repo/prod/_ai.iso.

Answer: A,C,D,F

A: -n <svcname>
Uses this install service name instead of default service name.
B: -i <dhcp_ip_start>
Sets up a new DHCP server. The IP addresses, starting from dhcp_address_start, are set up.
D: -c <count_of_ipaddr>
Sets up a total number of IP addresses in the DHCP table equal to the value of the count_of_ipaddr. The first IP address is the value of dhcp_ip_start that is provided by the -i option.
F: -s <srcimage>
Specifies location of AI ISO image to use for setting up the install service.
< targetdir>
Required: Specifies location to set up net image.

When speaking to an Oracle Support Engineer, you are asked to verify the version of the Solaris 11 build currently running on your system.
Which command would display the Solaris 11 build version currently running on your system?

  • A. cat /etc/release
  • B. cat /etc/update
  • C. prtconf | grep -i update
  • D. pkg info all
  • E. pkg info entire

Answer: A

Which Solaris release you are running on your system can be determined using the following command:
cat /etc/release
This will tell you which release you are running and when it was released.
The more recent your system, the more info is contained in this file.
# cat /etc/release
Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 s10s_u10wos_17b SPARC
Copyright (c) 1983, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
Assembled 23 August 2011

You log in to the system as user1, then switch user to root by using the su -command. After entering the correct password, yon enter the following commands:
whoami;who am i;id
Which option correctly represents the output?

  • A. root user1console Dec 3020:20 uid=0(root)gid=0(root)
  • B. uid=0(root) gid=0(root) root user1 console Dec 30 20:20
  • C. uid-0(root)gid=0(root) user1console Dec 3020:20 root
  • D. user1console Dec 3020:20 root uid=0(root)gid=0(root)

Answer: A

*The whoami utility displays your effective user ID as a name.
Here this would beroot.
*who am i
The command who shows who is logged on.
Here this would be:
user1 console Dec 30 20:20
*The id utility displays the user and group names and numeric IDs, of the
calling process, to the standard output. If the real and effective IDs
are different, both are displayed, otherwise only the real ID is dis-
Here this would be:
uid=0(root) gid=0(root)
Note: Each UNIX proces has 3 UIDs associated to it. Superuser privilege is UID=0.Real UID--------This is the UID of the user/process that created THIS process. It can be changed only if the running process has EUID=0.Effective UID-------------This UID is used to evaluate privileges of the process to perform a particular action. EUID can be change either to RUID, or SUID if EUID!=0. If EUID=0, it can be changed to anything.Saved UID---------If the binary image file, that was launched has a Set-UID bit on, SUID will be the UID of the owner of the file. Otherwise, SUID will be the RUID. '


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