Salesforce CRT-211 考試大綱:

主題 1
  • Process Automation Tools and Best Practices
  • Content Management
  • Report Types
  • Dashboards
主題 2
  • Salesforce Knowledge
  • Restricting and Extending Object, Record, and Field Access
主題 3
  • Products, Price Books, Schedules, and Quotes
  • Salesforce Security and Custom Objects
主題 4
  • Analytics and Data Management
  • Deployment Tools
  • Territory Management

>> CRT-211權威考題 <<

頂尖的CRT-211權威考題和資格考試中的領導者和全面覆蓋的Salesforce Certification Preparation for Advanced Administrator

如今在IT業裏面臨著激烈的競爭,你會感到力不從心,這是必然的。你要做的是為你的事業保駕護航,當然,你有很多選擇,我推薦PDFExamDumps Salesforce的CRT-211的考試試題及答案,它是幫助你成功獲得IT認證的好幫手,所以你還在等什麼呢,去獲得新的PDFExamDumps Salesforce的CRT-211的考試培訓資料吧。

最新的 Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator CRT-211 免費考試真題 (Q28-Q33):

問題 #28
In a two-step approval process where the first step is a hiring manager and second is the appropriate director, which of the following relationship types would a system administrator use to establish a relationship between the two approvers? * (1 Point)

  • A. Sibling relationship
  • B. Hierarchical relationship
  • C. Look up relationship
  • D. Master detail relationship


問題 #29
What are types of tagging available in Library / Workspace / Content ? Choose 3

  • A. Open Tagging
  • B. Private Tagging
  • C. Protected Tagging
  • D. Restricted Tagging
  • E. Public Tagging
  • F. Open to all Tagging
  • G. Guided Tagging


問題 #30
An Admin needs to create a validation rule when Amount is greater than or equal to $50000 and the custom field should not be blank. Custom field is a picklist. Choose 2

  • A. Amount >50000 && ISPICKVAL(Picklist field, " ")
  • B. Amount >50000 && ISBLANK(Picklist field)
  • C. Amount >50000 && TEXT(Picklist field) = " "
  • D. Amount >50000 && (Picklist field) = " "


問題 #31
Which three actions can occur when an administrators clicks "save" after making a number of changes to Knowledge data categories in a category group and changing their position in the hierarchy? Choose three.

  • A. Users are temporarily locked out of the ability to access articles
  • B. The articles and questions visible to users change
  • C. The history of article usage is reset to zero utilization
  • D. Users may temporarily experience performance issues when searching for articles
  • E. The contents of category drop-down menu change


問題 #32
Universal Container (UC) is considering using Communities. Each partner is associated with a product and will need a separate community?
Some partners will need to access to more than one community.
What are two consideration an administrator should be aware of?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Community license choice of member-based or login-based.
  • B. The org limit of 100 community does not include inactive or preview communities.
  • C. The org limit of 100 communities includes active, inactive, and preview communities.
  • D. Communities licenses are associated with a specific community.


問題 #33

手上能拿到一些實用的認證證書,無疑為自己的就業開拓了一番新的領土和創造了一些機會。CRT-211 是全球最大的網絡設備公司 Salesforce 公司的認可的初級技術認證,在整個 Salesforce 認證體系中處于售前規劃方向的基礎證書,有了CRT-211 認證你的平均年薪將不低于10萬人民幣。雖然獲取 CRT-211 認證需要投入額外的時間與金錢,但事實證明IT認證的投入產出是值得的,對於未來的職業發展非常有利。


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