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Although Nike VaporMax has been launched for three generations, the VaporMax Plus with the same air cushion has not changed, and still maintains a high popularity, and continues to introduce new color, called the evergreen shoes in the VaporMax series. Recently, there is a new color matching of purple powder tones. Nike VaporMax Plus Purple Pink upper fabric is partially decorated in purple and pink, with different shades of gradients and gradually changing plaid patterns. The color is enticing and magical. The other parts are presented in low-key black, which brings out the beauty of the colored parts.

Recently,Jordans 2019 Shoes release a seemingly ordinary Air Jordan 13 Atmosphere Grey ushered in exposure, but attracted the attention of players because of the excellent wearing effect, and got the nickname of “slag ash”. Wrapped in dark grey pebbled leather with a lighter gray suede and white accented toe and tongue. Although the color is simple, it is very layered. Similar to the gray theme of the Jordan series Earl, Shadow, etc., it looks like a familiar and new idea. Previously, the foot was full of versatile wearing effects, and this static display highlights the elegant side.

Less than a week before this year's Air Max Day, the six-win winnings from the Nike On Air design competition last year will finally be on sale. In the first two days, the domestic Nike Media Center officially released the Air Max 97 SH Kaleidoscope designed by Shanghai designer Ru Qiu Shi. From the evaluation of everyone, the shoes are very popular. Today, the foreign shoe media Sneakernews brings the latest real-life map of the New York-themed Nike Air Max 98 La Mezcla, and is a pair of highly recognizable and meaningful new products. Gabrielle Serrano from New York chose the popular Air Max 98 last year for design creation. The design elements in the whole pair of shoes are quite rich. The combination of various materials and colors brings an inexplicable and harmonious visual experience. It represents the fusion of the diverse ethnic groups of the city of New York, which combines diverse ethnic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. A furnace that highlights the difference between New York: people.

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