Train Journey Is Better Than Any Other Journey

Firstly, travel means traveling from one place to another. In terms of travel, train travel takes the top spot. A train journey is definitely an amazing joyous occasion. Moreover, train travel fills individuals with a sense of intense excitement. This mode of travel is best if the travel distance is long. A train journey creates a charisma that can't be skilled with other forms of journey.


 Experience of Journey by Train

I have always been a strong supporter of train travel. My involvement with train travel dates back to childhood. I live in Lucknow and have traveled a lot by train from here. Moreover, since childhood, I have visited the hill station of Almora several times to visit my relatives. Almora is a hilly place located in the state of Uttarakhand. Most notably, Almora is located in the Himalayan mountain range. Due to this, the train cannot go directly to Almora.the last town station accessible by trains before the mountain range begins.

Traveling from Lucknow to Kathgodam is quite a lively experience. I have always confirmed my seat reservation in advance. So, my train journey starts from Lucknow railway station. As the train sped off and left the Lucknow railway station, my excitement grew. Moreover, as the speed of the train increased, a thrilling feeling overcame me.

My Train Journey from lucknow to kathgodam. However, even though the trip was so long, I enjoyed every minute of it. Furthermore, on all journeys, one can purchase food and drink items. I almost always buy food and snacks at least twice a trip.


When sleep overtakes me, I use a sleep berth. I personally find sleeping in train berths very comfortable. When you wake up after a deep sleep, you can see mountains in the distance. Moreover, as the train approaches Kathgodam at breakneck speed, the view of the mountains becomes larger. Also, seeing the Himalayas approaching adds to my amusement. Finally my pleasant train journey came to an end as the train halted at Kathgodam.

Why Do I Like to Travel by Train?

The biggest advantage of train travel is comfort. Most notably, one can move freely in the train cabin. In addition, in the train, there is a possibility of an adequate foot room. Moreover, trains offer comfortable sleeping berths. All this makes the teach adventure an ease revel in. Stunning sights are another full-size benefit of train travel.

 At some point of the train adventure, you'll enjoy the scenery of nation-state, farms, forests, factories etc. This makes educate tour greater complete than air or street travel. A educate adventure gives many possibilities to bypass the time. Furthermore, the train offers a sociable environment. In train journeys, conversations among passengers almost usually take place. You may make new buddies with traveling passengers at the train easily. Also, one can pass the time beautifully on a train journey. On the train journey, one can spend time reading, listening to music, watching videos, sleeping/relaxing comfortably.

In short, train travel is truly one of a kind. A train journey offers a unique experience like no other. Most notably, the attraction of this type of travel is unparalleled. Train travel certainly provides an unforgettable enriching experience.



Trains journeys certainly are very comfortable. Firstly, one can move freely in the train cabin. Additionally, trains have ample leg room potential and comfortable sleeping berths. The journey gave me so much joy. It was truly one of the most memorable days of my life .I really enjoy journey by train .Student and children should do train journey every year.

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