How to beat Age Of War on impossible


In this game, there are two main goals to work on. And if you put them first, winning will just come to you. They are making money and having a base health > 0. You are still in the game as long as your base hasn't been destroyed, and you are winning as long as you are making more money than you are spending.

So try not to think about killing or keeping the other team far away. Making money is your main goal. So, here's my first general point.


Turrets are cash cows because you only have to pay for them once and then they pay for themselves quickly. So try to get as many turrets as you can as soon as you can. I often sacrifice a little bit of base health to get a turret. So the best way to make money is to always be on defense and let your turrets do the dirty work while your units slow down theirs.

Turret tower

The Prices for each new block of turret tower is fixed.

+1 $1000

+2 $3000

+4 $7000

So don't worry about buying them at one point over another. If you can afford it and another turret go for it.

If you want better turrets but cant shell out for a tower and a turret you can sell one to make way for another. (this is best done in stage 3)



There's really no reason to use anything but the simplest, cheapest unit. The return on investment for all the other units is very low. Even though your basic units won't directly bring in any cash. USE THEM TO PROTECT YOUR MEAT! Create just enough units to protect your base, but not so many that they overwhelm the other team and start moving across the map. As soon as your unit goes past the halfway point, you start to lose money.


Note: the specials for ages 1, 2, 4, and 5 are all similar, so we can use general rules for them. I'll talk a bit about the age 3 special.

Aside from turrets, specials are the other action that makes you the most money because they are just a bonus action that can clear the board. In stages, you can make more money for turrets by doing 1-2 specials. Most of the work should be done by the turrets in stages 4 and 5.

So it's up to you to not waste them in a hurry and think about how to make the most of them. This means that you shouldn't use a special ability until the board is full of enemies. You should use this plan for stages 1, 2, 3, and 4.

As often as possible at the start of a new stage, use the special (the second it refreshes). After about two specials, it would be best to wait until the enemy sends out tank units like dinosaurs, horses, etc., and hopefully kill or seriously hurt two of them. Most of the time, this makes enough money to buy more turrets.


Check how much XP you need for each age so you can move up to the next one as soon as possible. This will make sure that you don't waste any of your basic units. You can also get better towers.

Age 1

When the games start, don't send a single unit. Just wait until all the enemy units are on the board, then send out a special. Use that money to buy an egg turret. Use the special move one or two more times as soon as it's ready (making sure that there are many enemies on the board). Then, wait for them to send dinos. When there are two dinos on the board and the special is close by, use it. Move on as soon as possible.

Age 2

Buy a flame catapult and a second spot for a turret.

Use the same special strategy as you did in age 1, and use it often. Then wait to send in tank units.

Even if you have enough to move on to the next level, don't level up yet. Instead, wait for one more special, which will give you the big score you need to buy a cannon in the next level. If you don't have a canon in stage 3, you'll have a hard time because the stage 3 special blows and doesn't make you any money.

Age 3

Now that you have a bad special, this can be a very hard stage. You can basically just spam this deal every time it comes back. It will save a little money.

Other than that, this stage is just like any other. Keep the enemies at bay while your turrets do the work.

Only buy turrets of level 1.

You really want to get any of these turrets at this stage. If you can get a third tower block and buy a level 1 turret, do that. But if you need money, sell one of your turrets to make room for a cannon, which is much better and the only way to make money at this stage.

Move on as soon as possible.

Age 4

From here on out, things should get easier for you. You should only need two or three gun turrets to do all the work.

Hold out for the rocket launcher and the double barrel turrets.

You shouldn't have to send out units very often. From here on out, the only thing to do is to keep buying better turrets.

Move on to the next step right away.

Final Age

This is your time to win.

You should have double-barrel turrets on every level of the tower. That's more than enough to deal with the other team.

As money comes in, just sell and buy new turrets as often as you can. Buy the blue turret that costs the most.

When you do that, the game is pretty much over. A small site for making games lets turret bullets go all the way across the map and destroy the enemy base slowly.

So that is How to beat Age Of War on impossible 
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