How to Import MBOX to Yahoo Account with Attachments?

Introduction: MBOX is a file format commonly used for storing email messages. If you have an MBOX file that you would like to import into your Yahoo account, you can do so using an automated tool. These tools are designed to make the process of importing MBOX files into Yahoo as simple and hassle-free as possible. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of using an automated tool to import MBOX file to Yahoo account.

Automated Solution to Import MBOX to Yahoo Account

Storing MBOX files on a personal drive can be challenging due to the risk of data corruption and the large amount of storage space required. To overcome these issues, our MBOX to Yahoo converter tool allows users to convert and utilize their MBOX files on the Yahoo mail cloud service. The tool is easy to install and does not make any permanent changes to the user's system. Our guarantee ensures that after importing MBOX files into Yahoo, users will be able to access their emails from any device, platform, location, or time.

Steps to Migrate emails from MBOX to Yahoo mailbox are as follows: 

To convert MBOX files to Yahoo Mail using Yota Email Migration Tool:

  1. Install and launch the tool on your machine

  2. Click on the Open button and select the appropriate options.

  3. Choose Email Data File >> MBOX File >> Select File or Folder.

  4. After selecting the .mbox file, you will be able to view all the emails in the software interface.

  5. Click on the Export button and select the IMAP option.

  6. Enter your Yahoo Mail email address, password, server address (, and port number (993) then click the Save button.

You have successfully imported MBOX files to Yahoo Mail using this automated tool. You can also try the demo version of the utility to transfer emails and attachments from MBOX files to your Yahoo Mail account.

Features of Yota MBOX to Yahoo Migrator

  1. Allows Bulk Conversion: The tool enables users to import large MBOX files, which can contain a significant amount of email data, to their Yahoo Mail account and other webmail platforms like Gmail, Zoho, and so on.

  2. Maintains Key Elements: When importing MBOX files to Yahoo Mail or other webmail platforms, the tool preserves important email elements, such as the sender, recipient, and subject, ensuring that the emails retain their original formatting and appearance.

  3. Offers multiple file formats for saving: In addition to exporting MBOX files to Yahoo Mail, the tool also supports other file formats, allowing users to save their MBOX data in a variety of different ways.

  4. Directly imports MBOX to Cloud Servers: This tool not only allows you to import MBOX files to webmail platforms, but also to import it directly to other email clients like Office 365, Thunderbird and more.

  5. Allows Dual Options: Users have the flexibility to either select a single MBOX file or an entire folder of MBOX files for import, making the process more efficient and time-saving.

  6. Export Complete Mailbox: This MBOX Migrator tool has capability to extract the key information, like email addresses, phone numbers, attachments and associated email addresses, and phone numbers from the MBOX files, and also saves them in a single text file

  7. Advanced email filter options: The tool allows users to filter their MBOX data by date, sender, recipient, subject, and other criteria, making it easy to select and export only the emails that are most relevant to them.

  8. User-friendly tool: This tool is designed to be easy to use for both technical and non-technical users, with a straightforward interface that guides users through the import process step by step.

  9. Compatible with all Windows: The tool is compatible with a wide range of Windows operating systems, including the latest versions as well as older ones.


Importing MBOX files to Yahoo Mail can be a complex process as there is no official method for doing so. This article provides a thorough explanation of the reasons and steps needed to import MBOX files to a Yahoo Mail account while maintaining the integrity of all mailbox data. It is my hope that this article contains all the necessary information and solutions to effectively address any issues related to importing MBOX files to Yahoo Mail.
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